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March 22, 2023

Next Week Is Bonneville Speed Week! And, Oh It Is Also Monterey Car Week

by Mike –

Why do they hold two of the coolest events in North America during the same week?

Maybe they think that people who go to events like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering would not be interested in watching people go 200 MPH on the Bonneville salt flats.

Well for me – I want to do both!


Maro Special – Bonneville Race Car Nitro Streamliner

Craig Pike the owner of is a regular at Bonneville and he writes below

Bonneville Race Cars of Friends

Oh, I might have mentioned it before… maybe every time I write about the Bonneville Salt Flats… the people are great. Hot rodders and racers in general are an easy-to-get-along-with group, but something about the salt turns competitors into co-conspirators to see who can go faster. On some levels, it doesn’t make sense. These racers are after the same record, both are dying to wear the coveted red hat of the “2-club” or 200 mph club, and they both have been trying for years, but still they’ll share everything from cold sodas to spare parts to advice to help a fellow racer. It’s special.

Speaking of special… each year I make my 15 hour trip from Phoenix, AZ to Bonneville, I meet and become friends with more racers. You almost can’t help it! I want to kick off 2012 Bonneville Speed Week with pictures and updates of a few friends I’m looking forward to seeing. Continue reading here…


I have always been a fan of Craig Breedlove but I have never been to Bonneville. I have driven near it on a trip through Utah but that’s it.

I also wrote about A Return To Bonneville For Team 608. Craig Pike is planning to meet up with them next week.

The 1952 So-Cal Belly Tanker is a fascinating story.

So Cal Speed Shop Sign

I will write about Monterey Car Week later this week.

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