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August 8, 2022

What A Huge Project – The Restoration of Iso Grifo No. 067

by Mike –

Mark Fleege has taken on the gigantic task of commissioning the restoration of Iso Grifo No. 067. Well, maybe the gigantic task is in the hands of David Ince who is doing the restoration. This Grifo is in Southern California.

Iso Grifo restoration

In Process

This has been a seven year project and should be completed by the end of this year. They are optimistic that this will be the year.

Iso Grifo restoration


Text by Mark Fleege

I bought the Iso Grifo in 1979, in Goldsboro, N.C. where I was stationed in the Military. I was being transferred to California and I wanted a cool car to take with me, at that time I had a “73′ corvette, but it seemed like everyone had “Vettes” and I wanted something different to take to California.

Iso Grifo restoration

The Vent On The Left Fender Is There But Bent

A pilot friend of mind heard that I was looking for something different and told me I should look at his Iso Grifo, I of course thought, “what’s an Iso Grifo or whatever it’s called?” He had a collection of foreign cars, that were in different stages of disrepair and was trying to sell them, because he was getting out of the Military and needed the money.

Iso Grifo restoration

Plants In The Body And Dead Rats

I went over to his garage to check out the Grifo with my girlfriend (now my wife) and we saw a beautiful car in the corner of the garage that was absolutely gorgeous but it needed a lot of work. I told my girlfriend that if this Iso Grifo car looks anything like the car in the corner, I was going to try and buy it, if I could afford it.

Iso Grifo restoration


Iso Grifo restoration

Some Progress

We walked around and looked at all his cars (10 at least) and then found the mechanic and asked which car was the Grifo, the mechanic said the Grifo was the one in the corner, I immediately got excited and told him to not sell the car and that I was going to contact the seller and try and make a deal. I didn’t have much cash, so I had to sell my “Vette” and give him $3K cash to get the car. We loaded the car into a U-Haul truck and two days later headed for California.

Iso Grifo restoration

A Door

We were hoping to have the car done for Monterey Car Week this year, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it, still too much to do and we don’t want to rush it now, we want it to be perfect.

We’re planning on painting the exterior of the car red, (the same color as my Corvette convertible) and the interior will be tan, should be a beautiful combo.

Iso Grifo restoration

The Rotisserie Set Up

The most difficult part of the restoration was the time and money it takes to restore a car like this, I probably didn’t do enough homework on the project and didn’t anticipate all that it takes to have a perfect car. Oh well, I’m sure it will be all worth while when we’re done.


Iso Grifo restoration

More Progress


After 33 years of ownership and 7 years in the restoration process do you think Mark is eager to see this Grifo on the road looking and running like new?

After looking at the many pictures sent to me by Mark and talking to David Ince on the phone I anticipate this will be a stunning Grifo when completed. This Iso Grifo spent a lot of time on a rotisserie.

Iso Grifo restoration

David Ince and Grifo No. 067

It is interesting to see the different approach to the restoration than the method used for Grifo No. 009.

This Grifo, No. 067, is having all of the body panels repaired where possible as you can see in these photos. The owner and restorer of Grifo No. 009 repaired and fabricated some new panels, like the trunk lid, but they also bought many of the body panels from Italy.

Iso Grifo restoration

You Can Feel The Optimism In This Picture

I have no idea which approach is more economical or even if there is any difference in the quality of the result. I think both of these cars will be excellent examples of what an Iso Grifo should be when completed.

Iso Grifo restoration

I Do Not Know What Is Going On Here But It Looks Cool

Iso Grifo restoration

Compare This View To The Same View In A Previous Picture – Progress

I will be visiting Grifo No. 009 again later this week.

Photos by David Ince and Mark Fleege

See more photos flip through the slide show below. There are two pages of slides.

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  1. bruce caron says

    Wow – Mark’s restoration makes me feel lucky about the work I’ve had to do on my Rivolta. He’s a brave soul! Great article.

  2. The tin worm lurks beneath, a major project that many owners don’t understand when they purchase a car with those funny little bubbles under the paint.

    Ten years ago a solid car could be purchased for less than 25% of current restoration costs. The good news is that Grifo values are high!

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