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August 18, 2022

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 At The Salon Privé In England

by Mike –

Chris Lackner sent some photos and I asked for more – he provided the story too.

Text and Photos Supplied by Chris Lackner

I attended the very exclusive Salon Privé concours at Syon Park, Middlesex on Friday 7 September.

There was a class for closed cars of the Swinging Sixties, which included a very attractive Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300, chassis No. 211.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300

It was over from Italy and it won second in class, behind an absolutely faultless Gunmetal Ferrari 275 GTB4. Grifo No. 211 lived in Sweden for many years until the present owner bought it and commissioned Roberto Negri to perform a restoration.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300

The red suede interior is unusual and looks different than in the old photo of this car. You can see in the old photo when the car lived in Sweden (1970-2004) that the rear shelf, at least, was a pale colour.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 interior

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 Interior

The shape of the dash may have been altered at some point with a deeper section incorporated in the centre with all the switches on it. I’ve never seen this design on any other A3 or Bizzarrini Grifo. The front wing vents also seem unique.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 side vents

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 No. 211 Front Wing Vent

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 In Sweden

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 No. 211 In Sweden Many Years Ago

Either this car or No. 218 have been thought to be the 1965 Geneva Show car. The current owner of No. 211 says that No. 218 was inside the hall and No. 211 was outside.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 No. 218 at Geneva 1965

The jury’s still out on this one. I was somewhat surprised that the car is badged as a Bizzarrini Grifo instead of as an Iso A3. After all, Grifo No. 215 was still badged as an A3 and it was built later.

What I think may have happened was, according to Goodfellow, No. 211 was built as a flat rear screen car and when it was decided in January 1965 to show the car at Geneva the car was modified to the latest spec, with the large rear screen.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 badge

I think it may well have acquired the later badging then. The photo of the car at Geneva shows the Bizzarrini Grifo nose badge.

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 engine

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 Engine


The history of old cars can be difficult to decipher especially with a marque like Bizzarrini where the records either did not exist or they have been lost.

I recognize Jonathan Root’s beautiful De Tomaso Mangusta next to the Bizzarrini Grifo.

I want to be in a class called the Swinging Sixties in either a silver Bizzarrini or a green Mangusta – oh, yeah baby!

Bizzarrini Grifo GT 5300 Script Logo

Chris Lackner lives in the UK and is a long time historian of the Iso and Bizzarrini marques. I have learned much from Chris over the years.

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