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July 6, 2022

Iso Grifo For Sale In Switzerland

by Mike –

This 1971 Iso Grifo Can Am model is for sale in Switzerland for CHF 249,800 ($264,000). The seller says this is one of the rare Can Am models with the Chevy 454 cid engine (7.4 liter).

Iso Grifo Can Am for sale

Two sets of side view mirrors in the photo above.

The seller is Elite Garage

Iso Grifo Can Am for sale

I like this color combination.

There is not much information and the photos are not very good. A detailed inspection and history investigation would be a good idea for an interested buyer.

Does anyone know the chassis number or anything about this car?

Thanks to Nathan for sending this to me.

Iso Grifo Can Am

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  1. Mike, this is #355, built Aug 6 1971, 5sp, 2.88 axle, air/con, reinforced chassis. It was a Swiss destination car originally. I,m not sure what the seats are from, originally.
    Seems like someone was paranoid about the rear view! Not much chance of anything creeping up behind and passing a Can Am Grifo…

  2. Yes 355 and the interior has a lot of carpet where there should be leather, the seats are Recaro’s

    • I am not a big fan of dash colors other than the original black or charcoal, also the Bertone badges on the side of the car are about 6-8 inches too high.

  3. I was wondering about the carpet in the back and I could not make out the logo on the seats. This car should have the seats with the headrest integrated into the seat I think.

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