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March 21, 2023

The Ferrari F50 – What A Car!

by Mike –

The F50 was Ferrari’s super car in 1995 and was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari and to let everyone in the world know that Ferrari was still at the top of the sports car world.

Ferrari F50

1995 Ferrari F50

The F50 has a 4.7 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that was developed from the engine originally used in the 1992 Ferrari Formula One race car.

Ferrari F50

This engine produces 513 hp and the car weighs only 2,712 pounds. A longitudinal 6 speed manual transmission was incorporated and production was limited to 349 examples between 1995 and 1997 – most of them red.

Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50

The performance was excellent in 1995; 0-60 mph in 3.7 sec and a top speed of 194 MPH.

Ferreri F50 engine

Ferreri F50 engine

The value today of a Ferrari F50 is around $1 million for a great condition car – about double the price when new.

Ferrari F50

Not only was this one of the most fun cars you could have bought in 1995 but it may have been the best investment as well.

Ferrari F50 wheel

These photos were taken at a local car show last year.

Here you can see a video with flames coming out of a Ferrari F50.

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