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June 6, 2023

Car Of The Day – Affordable Classic Car For Sale – 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the affordable classic car for sale today that I would be happy to own.

1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk IA

Sunbeam Tiger for sale

These little Sunbeam Tigers are a great way to enjoy the benefits of European Style with American Muscle without breaking the bank.

Sunbeam Tiger for sale

The seller says:

* Powered by the 289 cubic inch Ford with a 4-barrel carburetor and Ford 4-speed ‘Top Loader’ transmission

* Correct-style air cleaner on its 4-barrel carburetor

Sunbeam Tiger engine

* Cardinal Red with black interior and vinyl top

* Beautiful wood dashboard and instrument panel

Sunbeam Tiger interior

* 13 inch LAT-style alloy wheels as available from the importer when it was new

* Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association Certificate of Authenticity

* Excellent repaint, beautiful chrome trim and appropriate interior

* The engine bay is carefully detailed to like new condition


The photos certainly look terrific and I like the 289 cid engine rather than the 260 cid engine but I believe the Mk IA designation means this car originally came with a 260 cid engine. And I have a few questions that are not answered by the listing: what about the engine?, what is the mileage?, what is the history?, what are the details of the restoration?

This Sunbeam Tiger is for sale at Hyman Classic Cars in St. Louis. The price is $49,500.

Let us know what you think about this classic car in the Comments.

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Sunbeam Tiger logo


  1. If this is not the original engine then what does that do to the value?

  2. Aside from the fact that the Sunbeam Tigers are just as cool as Shelby Cobras at one-tenth the price, don’t forget that Agent 86, Maxell Smart, pulled up to the Control Headquarters in one for every season of Get Smart, except for that one season where he drove a Karmann Ghia!!! Glenn in the Bronx, NY

    • Glenn, I do remember the Get Smart Tiger very well. I also think that Tiger may have been owned by Don Adams, is that correct?

  3. Why would Max switch from a Tiger to a Karmann Ghia??

  4. After researching this on the internet (I will always put my real life on hold for cars!), it turns out that, indeed, Don Adams was either given the Tiger at the close of the series, or bought it. It also turns out that Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes also owned a Tiger. The internet also said that the blue Karmann Ghia was used in the opening credits in Season Two, and that a gold Opel GT was used in Season Five (I had forgotten about that one). However, most people of my generation (I am 50 and still remember watching the show in Prime Time with my parents) always associate Agent 86 driving the Tiger, which he did for 3 of the 5 seasons the show ran. Although I have never seen the show, a lot of people still talk about the iconic Corvette (I believe it was a 1962) that Martin Milner and George Maharis drove on the show Route 66. Of course, when you think British sportscars, Emma Peel drove a Lotus Elan in The Avengers, and with the release of the new Bond movie, Skyfall, everybody has been talking about the sportscars of James Bond all over the place. It turns out, the internet said only about 7000 Tigers were ever made, so this car also makes a great investment, that will only appreicate in value. However, if I owned one of these, it wouldn’t be a garage queen, I’d tear the road up with it, because they were meant to be driven!!! Glenn in the Bronx, NY

    • Glenn – what do you mean by “real life”?

      I remember the Corvette on Route 66 but I do not remember an Opel on Get Smart. I remember Emma Peel very well but not the Lotus. I must have a selective memory.

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