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September 20, 2021

Car Of The Day – Classic Car For Sale – 1975 Jensen Interceptor

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the classic car for sale today that I would like to own. While Jensen Motors was a British company the styling of the Jensen Interceptor is Italian (Carrozzeria Touring) and the engine is American, a Chrysler 383 cid V8 producing 330 hp.

There were more than 6,000 Interceptors made in total between 1966 and 1976 including a few convertibles and fewer coupes. Most were 2+2 models. The transmission was either manual or a TorqueFlite automatic.

1975 Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor for sale

Jensen Interceptor for sale

The seller says,

* Chrysler Wedge V-8 powered

* California car that is one of the finest of its kind

* It has never needed restoration, being consistently, sympathetically maintained and benefiting from cosmetic and mechanical attention as needed throughout its life

* Probably had one repaint early in its life but the original upholstery and wood veneer trim is clean, solid and honest

* The engine compartment is orderly and honest, as it was built and showing the care and attention it has received

Jensen Interceptor engine

* This is one of the finest Jensen Interceptor convertibles around

* Equipped with power steering, brakes, windows and top, a later stereo sound system, alloy wheels and Pirelli blackwall radial tires

* Back leather upholstery and black leatherette top

Jensen Interceptor interior

This Jensen Interceptor is for sale at Hyman Ltd. in St. Louis. The price is $58,500.


This car may be priced right depending on how the inspection turns out. The Sports Car Market Price Guide lists a 1974-76 Jensen Interceptor III DHC (convertible) condition 1 car at $23,000 in the 2006 issue and $60,000 in the Winter/Spring 2013 issue.

This is a whopping 161% appreciation in seven years. This will likely not continue, although interest in these cars remains very strong. Because there were more that 6,000 produced there are usually many nice ones for sale at any given time.

Jensen Interceptor for sale

A rule of thumb is that there are normally about 10% of the number of cars in existence for sale at any given time. If this holds true then there are a few hundred Jensen Interceptors for sale right now around the world.

If you are a buyer I suggest that you pick the best one you can find and pay the price rather than buy a cheap car with a lot of needs because the cost of restoration can be more than the value of the car if you buy the wrong car.

Let us know what you think about this classic Jensen Interceptor in the Comments.

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Jensen Interceptor data sheet

Jensen Interceptor data sheet


  1. georgeg20 says

    The Jensen Interceptors have been appreciating quite bit. Maybe it’s just me, but seems that almost any European high line iron with American powertrains are gaining momentum on the market. I believe the main reason is the relatively reasonable cost of maintenance and parts availability. I agree with you on BUY recommendation on this one.

  2. Seanglenn says

    This car is incredibly spectacular, and you very, very rarely see them anymore at carshows. I had never been familiar with this car, until I was about 17 (33 years ago), when I was watching the opening scenes of a movie with Joe Don Baker (can’t remember the film), and he was shifting the gears in a dark burgundy or brown coupe (as shown in your R&T schematic drawing), and the camera showed the car as a Jensen Interceptor III, which I had never heard of, but would never forget. Another interesting British marque in the TVR, which, like the Jensen, was available as a convertible or coupe, and believe it or not, I actually see examples once in awhile parked or driving on the streets here in New York. If you could do one of your fantastic features on the later TVR’s of the seventies, I am positive your readers would appreciate your vast knowledge. Glenn in the Bronx, NY

  3. I have always loved the convertible version of the Interceptor.

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