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September 24, 2021

Auction Results From Burbank

by Mike –

By all accounts the recent Auctions America classic car auction in Burbank, California was a success.

Here are the results for the cars I wrote about.

1954 Edwards America Coupe

Sold for $ 66,000 – Fair price.

Edwards America Coupe

1952 Cunningham C-3 Coupe

Sold for $407,000 – I look forward to seeing this car after restoration.

1952 Cunningham C-3 Coupe

1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Sold for $ 52,800 – I am surprised at this low price – a great deal for the buyer.

1932 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

1968 Lamborghini Espada

Sold for $ 70,400 – This seems expensive.

Lamborghini Espada

1967 Ghia 450SS Convertible

Sold for $129,250 – A good deal for the buyer.

Ghia 450SS

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  1. roger ramjet says

    Hi Mike,

    I was there and spent a few hours inspecting the cars of my interest. In general I really liked the selection of cars…many European, not an insignificant amount of early styled hot rods (very refreshing), quite a few not very often seen rare cars, some not DMV registered cars for collection only, many very nice first half of last century cars and the usual suspect 60’s Mustang Camaro types. A very well rounded auction in my estimation. Talking to some of the attendees we all agreed that it very much represented the So. CA venue. Very much Irvine’s Cars & Coffee like.
    One of the things that pleasantly surprised me was a large number of “no reserve” offers. I think that if Auction America can assemble a similar offering in the future it will become a very successful auction/venue, and I will be very glad for it.
    Your comments of the specific results are right on. The Ghia was a very nice example. I can’t understand the Espada’s price? It was only in fair condition, just as the two Maserati. The Edward America needed work but was VERY complete, the buyer did very well in my estimation.

    • Roger,

      Thanks for the information. I was impressed by the line up too. There were several cars that attracted me and as a potential buyer I like the “no reserve” on several cars. There were many cars here from the Petersen Automotive Museum, including a few that I have seen there.

  2. that s Edwards buy was a steal!!!

  3. IMO this auction is weak if the sellers wait a few weeks they could be at the best auction in the world Monterey!

  4. What is the difference in seller and buyer premiums between Monterey and this auction?
    The sale terms and commissions charged can make the vendors take a lot less than the declarations, and surely not all cars sell at top dollar in Monterey. Possibly, the more mainstream cars (Camaros, Mustangs and old rods) got good money here. The Espada was very good money and IMO so was the Ghia 450SS

    • Since Auctions America is owned by RM Auction I suspect the commissions are the same which are: 10% for the buyer and 5% for the seller.

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