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September 30, 2023

Sell Your Classic Car On My Car Quest

by Mike –

Recently I wrote about the economics of selling a classic car at an auction, specifically the Tatra T87 and a comparison of the world record highest price paid for an Iso Grifo (the purple 7 Liter) and what I believe to be the world record net value delivered to the seller of an Iso Grifo (Series 1 Targa) sold here on My Car Quest.

Iso Grifo Targa

Iso Grifo Targa Sold on My Car Quest

The auction process takes more than 15% of the total economics, which leaves less for the seller and increases the total cost for the buyer. It can also cause a car not to sell because buyers will take into account the 10% fee when determining their maximum bid and the bid may not reach the reserve.

In an auction there are always two transportation costs involved: one going to the auction paid by the seller and one leaving the auction paid by the buyer. If the car does not sell then the “seller” has to pay to transport the car back home too.

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso Rivolta GT Sold on My Car Quest

Let My Car Quest help you sell your classic car

* You will get advice on pricing options and selling strategy

* Outline of a written description that will help get the best results for you

* Post on My Car Quest advertising your car for sale (written by me) with a banner ad on the side bar

* Posting on several social media sites

Iso Fidia

Iso Fidia Sold on My Car Quest

It is easy – your car stays in your garage until it is sold. My Car Quest gets your car in front of serious buyers and you then sell your car.

The My Car Quest approach only costs 2% of the final selling price, with $250 paid in advance and the balance after your car has sold.

Do the math on your car – you get more for your classic car and the car stays safe in your garage until sold.

Selling at an auction may sound like fun but it is also nerve racking and if you want to get the most for your car with the least risk to the car and to you then consider the My Car Quest method.

I did and I sold my own Iso Grifo, below, in exactly one month.

Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo Sold on My Car Quest

My Car Quest ranks very high on Google searches for the cars written about on My Car Quest attracting potential buyers in addition to the regular readers of My Car Quest.

Go to this link to see how My Car Quest can help sell your car.

Read about some of the classic cars sold to readers of My Car Quest.

Send a message to me using the Contact form below – tell me about your classic car.

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Sell Your Classic Car On My Car Quest
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Sell Your Classic Car On My Car Quest
Sell your classic car on My Car Quest. It is easy and less expensive that the alternatives.

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