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January 18, 2020

The Jaguar Aerodyne – A Stunning Coach-Built One Of A Kind

by Mike –

The Jaguar Aerodyne is a coach-built one-off design built on a Jaguar XK 140 chassis with a Jaguar XKE 3.8-Liter engine. This beautiful unique creation has the look and feel of a pre-war French classic like a Bugatti, Delage or Delahaye.

Jaguar Aerodyne

John Toom – Engineer, Artist and Inventor – The Designer and Creator of the Jaguar Aerodyne

The Jaguar Aerodyne was designed and created by John Toom who was the manager of the model shop at Nissan Design International (now Nissan Design America) from 1982 to 2000, in La Jolla, California.

Toom, an adept machinist with a degree in mechanical engineering, built the buck, formed the sheet metal and made and installed many interior components but was destined not to complete the car before cancer claimed him in mid-2001. The Aerodyne is Toom’s dream come to life under the stewardship of Southern California collectors and restorers Ron and Sonya Kellogg. They acquired the work-in-progress project a few months before Toom passed away.

A statement from John Toom’s fellow employees at Nissan Design America

“John headed the model shop at Nissan Design America from October 1982 until his retirement in January of 2000. A mechanical engineer, John had an artist’s eye and an inventor’s soul. He could fabricate with great beauty virtually anything, in any medium. A master of machinery, if he couldn’t make a part with existing equipment, he would invent a machine to do the job. His welcoming smile and sense of humor made him a favorite at Nissan Design America. His great talent and depth of humanity will be greatly missed.”

Click here for a biography summary of John Toom written by his wife, Jan Toom.

Jaguar Aerodyne – Elegance On Wheels

Jaguar Aerodyne

Jaguar Aerodyne

Jaguar Aerodyne

* Body design and creation (including original buck and metalwork), steering wheel, door handles, and custom designed knobs by John Toom

* Gauges and badges designed by Joni (Toom) Ruethling, John’s daughter

* Gauges manufactured to design specifications by Mo-Ma Pearlescent, the dashboard finish is reminiscent of ’30s elegance

* Completion of construction and paint – Nick’s Old Car Specialty

* Final assembly and upholstery – Jerry Noone’s Custom Restorations

Jaguar Aerodyne

Jaguar Aerodyne

Make/Model: The Jaguar Aerodyne (licensed as a 1956 Jaguar)

Year: 1956

Chassis number: Jaguar XK 140 – A819039DH

Body material: Steel

Exterior color: Blue

Interior color: Light Gray Leather

Engine: Jaguar XKE 3.8-Liter (1963)

Jaguar Aerodyne engine

Brakes: Jaguar Mark IV disc brakes on all four wheels

Odometer: Slightly over 1,000 miles

Condition: Excellent

Number made: One

Ownership history: Designed and created by John Toom and completed by Ron and Sonya Kellogg in 2003


* First place 2003 – Art Center of Design – Pasadena, California

* First Place 2008 – Classy Chassis – Texas

* Most Unique Design 2012 – Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, Beverly Hills, California


This is a unique opportunity that may not come along again for many years – if ever.


Location: Whittier, California USA

Contact: Mike Gulett: Email:

Included: The body bucks for the fenders (the other bucks were destroyed in a fire), a glass sculpture shown below also comes with the Aerodyne and all available documentation and photos.


Jaguar Aerodyne

Jaguar Aerodyne

Jaguar Aerodyne Glass Sculpture

Jaguar Aerodyne Glass Sculpture

Jaguar Aerodyne Bucks

Jaguar Aerodyne Bucks – only the fenders are available with the Aerodyne

Jaguar Aerodyne


Slideshow No. 1


Slideshow No. 2


Slideshow No. 3 – Text and photos by Dan Hostetter (a note to Ron Kellogg)

Jaguar Aerodyne John Toom Badge

John Toom Memorial Sculpture at Nissan Design America

John Toom Memorial Sculpture at Nissan Design America


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  1. ciaran payne says

    Just a great car, really reminiscent of the 30’s period as from a top designer, but I would have made the dash more period, but still want to own it, $$$ permitting!

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