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June 4, 2023

Bizzarrini And Iso Price Records Are Set Again

by Mike –

In France this week at the RM auction in Paris and the Retromobile by Artcurial Motorcars also in Paris there were records broken and broken again.

First up was a 1965 Iso Grifo A3/C Strada sold by RM for 1,036,000 Euros ($1,172,643) including commission. For about two days this was a record for any Iso or Bizzarrini non-race car.

Iso Grifo A3/C

Iso Grifo A3/C

Then at the Artcurial auction this beautiful 1968 Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada sold for an amazing 1,187,200 Euros or $1,343,786 USD for a new world record for any Iso or Bizzarrini non-race car.

Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada

Also at the Artcurial auction was an Iso Grifo 7-Litre that sold for 380,800 Euros ($431,025 USD) including commission. Because of the changes in currency exchange rate between the USD and the Euro I believe this is a price record for the Iso Grifo (non-A3/C) in Euros but not quite an Iso Grifo record in USD.

An Iso Grifo sold at RM at Amelia Island in March 2014 for $440,000 USD which was approximately 319,000 Euros at that time.

Iso Grifo 7-Litre

Iso Grifo 7-Litre

Both the Iso and Bizzarrini marques are on the move – I believe this is an overdue market correction.

I sold my own Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada this past September and bought an excellent Iso Grifo Series 1 in October.

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Bizzarrini And Iso Price Records Are Set Again
Article Name
Bizzarrini And Iso Price Records Are Set Again
A new record is set for the price of any Iso or Bizzarrini non-race car.


  1. The Grifo seven litre was under market, but it had some issues. This car had a lot of rust and the whole front end was rebuilt, the metal workmanship looked good but somewhere in the mix the front bumper wasn’t placed on the car properly. It sits about 3 inches too low.

    Second they advertised it as a five speed but it had a Borg Warner shifter making me suspect it wasn’t a ZF 5 speed, this turned out to be correct as they stated this prior to the auction.

    IMO the car should have had the bumper issue fixed prior to auction.

    Rule one if you want top dollar make sure there are no major loose ends.

    • I forgot to add there have been private seven litre sales that are hundreds of thousands higher than this car. Many of the recent auction cars have all had some type of issues. The real good stuff is trading privately behind the scenes.

    • I let the Artcurial management know this was not a 5-speed weeks ago I am happy to see they made a correction at the auction.

  2. Don Meluzio says

    Mike, The Bizzarrini at Articurial , (I believe) was #299 of Jacques Lavost. I think that helped the price a whole lot, BUT even so, that was a lot of money. If anyone deserves it, it is Jacques. As you remember a Bizzarrini lover for 40 years, and a real gentleman!!

  3. So many Bizzarrini’s have had body repair or questionable pasts.

    Well known history, well known owner + good care = top dollar.

    Good for him

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