My Car Quest

September 16, 2021

Classic Car Prices And Market Trends – Part 2

by Mike - Recently I wrote about some of my questions about classic car prices and market trends. In the October issue of Octane magazine Dave Kinney, the Publisher of The Hagerty Price Guide, mentions some of my favorite cars as "cars selling … [Read more...]

My Questions About Classic Car Prices And Market Trends

by Mike - Why questions about classic cars prices? They are going up and everyone is happy - right? Yeah, but what if I wanted a Ferrari 250 GTO and only had $20 million to spend? Nope, that won't do it. It now takes upwards of $30 million to … [Read more...]

This Ad For A Jensen Interceptor For Sale Is Annoying

by Mike - Writing an on line advertisement can be difficult and one suggestion that I have is do not insult the reader. A reader could very well become a buyer but not if they click away because they feel slighted. This eBay ad for a … [Read more...]

The Marin Yacht Club Classic Car Show Was Windy – Imagine That!

by Mike - The Marin Yacht Club Classic Car Show was this past Saturday in San Rafael, California. Yes, it was windy - I suppose they like that at a Yacht club. There were many hot rods and custom cars on display along side Jaguar, MG, … [Read more...]

Jensen Interceptor Values

by Mike -  I think the Jensen Interceptor is a very attractive car for the classic car collector today. They are reasonably priced, as you will see below, and they should be easy to maintain because of the Chrysler power. One needs to be careful … [Read more...]