My Car Quest

May 24, 2016

The Trouble With Tributes

by Wallace Wyss - Oh, it’s certainly undeniably glorious when somebody rolls out a … [Read More...]

An Open Letter to Joan Baez

from Wallace Wyss - Say Joanie (excuse me for being familiar, we talked once on the phone … [Read More...]

The Missing Zagato Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster And Its Rebirth…

by Wallace Wyss - Zagato Carrozzeria is one of the most legendary Italian carrozzerias. … [Read More...]

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

by Mike - The Quail Motorcycle Gathering celebrates the Evolution of the Motorcycle, honouring … [Read More...]

A Car Guy’s Tales from Hollywood

Hey, take heart, this one could still have a happy ending… by Wallace Wyss - "Beneath the … [Read More...]

Wally’s Favorite Concepts: The Ford Mach 2 – Did It Survive?

by Wallace Wyss - Back in 1964, Ford announced the mid-engined low slung race car, the GT40, … [Read More...]

The Denzel 1300 Serien Super – Revisited

by Mike - The recent Post about the Denzel generated a lot of attention and many informative … [Read More...]

The 2008 Rolls Royce Hyperion

by Wallace Wyss - Don’t fret, you can still order your next Rolls with your own body … [Read More...]

Fiat 850 Spider: La Dolce Vita On A Budget Or The Evolution Of A Working Man’s Classic

by Wallace Wyss - In the mid-60's Fiat wanted to make a volume sports car, one that would be an … [Read More...]

Golden Oldies – Engineers, Cars And Music

by Mike - Giotto Bizzarrini will turn 90 on June 6. Below is a video celebrating some of his … [Read More...]

An Apology To Gary Wales About His Bentley From Wallace Wyss

by Wallace Wyss - Now there is, I dare say, no more bombastic a person in the old car biz than … [Read More...]

Photos From The 2016 California Mille

by Mike - The California Mille was started by Martin Swig and a few of his friends, some of who … [Read More...]

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