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October 30, 2014

Mike Hailwood and his Iso Grifo

Random Memories Of Mike Hailwood And His Iso Grifo In South Africa

by Andre Loubser Firstly a somewhat circuitous route as to how I became involved with Mike … [Read More...]

Iso Rivolta GT

Coming Attractions – Iso Rivolta GT For Sale

by Mike - Rare cars are well, rare. There are very few running Iso Rivolta GTs for sale now in … [Read More...]

The Violent Professionals Poster

This Iso Grifo Was In The Movies

by Mike - The Violent Professionals is an organized crime versus cops Italian thriller movie … [Read More...]

Iso Grifo For Sale

Iso Grifo GL 350 For Sale – Original Condition Series 1

by Mike - This may be the only Iso Grifo for sale in North America now. The Iso Grifo was … [Read More...]

Iso Grifo 7-Litre

An Iso Grifo On Display At The Goodwood Revival

by Mike - Yesterday the article about the Goodwood Revival prompted Chris Lackner to write and … [Read More...]

Mercedes Race Car

What’s Great About Goodwood

by Wallace Wyss Bearing in mind, I haven’t been to the Goodwood Revival, and you must know that I … [Read More...]

Porsche Unexpected: Discoveries in Collecting

A New Book About Porsche Is A Pleasant Surprise

Book Review by Wallace Wyss - "Porsche Unexpected: Discoveries in Collecting" by Randy … [Read More...]

Ferrari Testa Rossa

Is The Car Collecting Culture Becoming More Like The Art Collecting Business?

by Mike - This Post is part of our continuing discussion of the collector car market. The … [Read More...]

Triumph Special Six - Stolen

Stolen And Still Missing

by Mike - Ed Adams had his prized custom car stolen from his home this past Thursday in Oakland, … [Read More...]

Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spider

Why Collector Cars Are Valued And Why The Wealthy Will Always Want Them

by Raffi Minasian - There is no turning back. The collector car market has changed. Collector … [Read More...]

Ferrari F60 America

Design Opinion – The New Ferrari F60 America

by Wallace Wyss Well, the good news it is a V12. And it’s a color besides red. The bad news is … [Read More...]

Iso Grifo

The Iso Grifo – A Design Analysis

by Raffi Minasian Car design is an amazing combination of art, sculpture, passion, and … [Read More...]

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