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May 23, 2015

1952 Cunningham

Hood Scoop – Which Postwar American Car Had The First One?

by Geoffrey hacker - Hi Gang… Maybe I have too much time on my hands. I ruminate about … [Read More...]

Iso Rivolta GT

Carlisle Import Show

by Don Meluzio - This past weekend my son Derek and I attended the Carlisle Import and Kit Car … [Read More...]

Arnolt Bristol

An Arnolt-Bristol In Australia

by Mike - Stephen Hawkins and his father, Ray, now share on an Australian TV show their … [Read More...]

Iso Bresso

Iso Ecspo Meeting In Bresso, Italy – Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The Iso Grifo

by Flavio Campetti - The Iso Ecspo meeting at Bresso was born for a reason; to hold an Iso … [Read More...]

Cuba Car Door Handles

Car Door Handles In Cuba

by Brian Van Der Brug, On my taxi ride from Havana’s Jose Martí airport to my hotel, I was struck … [Read More...]

Royal Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Bobcat

1971 Royal Pontiac Trans Am For Sale

by Mike - Royal Pontiac was a dealership located in Royal Oak, Michigan. Founded by dragracer … [Read More...]

Devin Racecars, sports cars

A Stylish Sports Car – The Devin “D”

by Mike - I wrote about one of Geoffrey Hacker's cars the Tiburon Roadster (The Shark). This was … [Read More...]

Iso Grifo A3/L

Happy 50th Anniversary To The Iso Grifo In Italy

by Mike - There is a big celebration this weekend in Bresso, Italy commentating the 50th … [Read More...]

Pontiac Banshee XP-833 Concept Car

Concept Car And One-Off-Prototype For Sale

by Mike - How would you like to own a very special car like no other in existence? The … [Read More...]


Baja Cantina Car Night

by Mike - Every Thursday during the non-rainy season the local Mexican restaurant (Baja Cantina) … [Read More...]

Iso Grifo 7-Litre For Sale

Iso Grifo, Iso Fidia, Iso Rivolta For Sale Around The World

by Mike - If you are looking for an Iso for sale then you are in luck because there are several … [Read More...]

Ferrari Testa Rossa TRC in 1957

The Ferrari Testa Rossa TRC

by Mike - While I was flipping through the December 1957 issue of Road & Track I came across … [Read More...]

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