My Car Quest

May 27, 2024

John Toom – Creator of the Jaguar Aerodyne

John Toom had a dream to design and build his own car. It turns out he also had the drive and the … [Read More...]

Editorial: YouTube Tips Us Off About the Bad Car Models

by Wallace Wyss - Before there was the World Wide Web it was difficult to catch the drift on … [Read More...]

A Comprehensive Guide to VIN Decoders

In today's world, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an essential component for identifying … [Read More...]

Editorial: Hey Hollywood…What About Elon Musk?

by Wallace Wyss - Having watched Michael Mann's Ferrari I was wondering which of the 20th or … [Read More...]

Economic Theory and Collector Cars

by Mike Gulett - I was reading an article in the New York Times from Nov. 22, 2014 titled … [Read More...]

A New Ferrari V12 Model

The 2024 Ferrari 12Cilindri with a nod towards the past. by Wallace Wyss - Ferrari is an … [Read More...]

Fake Collector Cars Can Be A Big Problem

Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware... by Mike Gulett - When a classic car model reaches a … [Read More...]

A Drogo Ferrari Masterpiece Scheduled for Auction in Monaco

Not a race car originally but it captures the ambiance of a GTO... by Wallace Wyss - It seems … [Read More...]

La Jolla Concours 2024

Text and photos by Wallace Wyss - This is billed as "the road to Opulent Adventure" and that … [Read More...]

Is it cheaper to lease a car through a company?

Due to the differing tax implications, company car leasing leasing tends to be cheaper than personal … [Read More...]

Kit Car Super Car – The Sterling

by Mike Gulett - The Kit Car super car is an important part of car culture. Like most kids from … [Read More...]

The “Accidental Artist” to Show at Concorso Ferrari

by Lita Makati - Wallace Wyss, erstwhile artist for My Car Quest, says he'll be showing art at … [Read More...]