My Car Quest

June 16, 2021

Driving Impression: 2021 Lexus LC500h

The Man in White drives Japan's ultimate luxury car.... by Wallace Wyss - Ultimate car. What … [Read More...]

Nearly Forgotten: Lloyd Cars From Germany

by Robert Maselko - The recent attempt by a Chinese company to revive the Borgward brand, called … [Read More...]

The BMW Wedge – The Shape of the Times

by Mike Gulett - Summer is here - I know this may seem hard to believe but it is true. This … [Read More...]

Editorial: The Ogle Factor (Cool Cars That Is)

by Wallace Wyss - OK I'll admit it. I like people to look at my car. Not just look at it but … [Read More...]

Design: The 2020 Corvette

Can I take it all back? by Wallace Wyss - It seems inconceivable I'd have an about-face on the … [Read More...]

The Shape of Things To Come – A Market Force

by Mike Gulett - The wedge shaped cars that were popular in the 1970s have moved up in value - … [Read More...]

Pininfarina’s Battista- Going Full Electric Before Ferrari

by Wallace Wyss - I respect Ferrari was stunned after they relegated Carrozzeri Pininfarina … [Read More...]

Four-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive?

by Mike Gulett - All-wheel drive (AWD) is four-wheel-drive mode that automatically shifts power … [Read More...]

Fiction: The Man In The White Hat

by Wallace Wyss - Jumped ship. That's the way they put it back in the 1800s when a sailor, … [Read More...]

Collector Car Clichés And Contradictions

by Mike Gulett - The following are some common and irritating, at least to me, classic car … [Read More...]

Editorial: US Car Companies Miss An Opportunity

I know we have written about this subject recently but it is frustrating that there are no US car … [Read More...]

One Man, One Car For Over 50 years…Ferrari Mondial S/N 0446MD

by Wallace Wyss - (with added info from Pete Vack) - Yes, it’s true, what is today one of the … [Read More...]