My Car Quest

April 15, 2024

Design Critique: Genesis X Convertible Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Genesis recently showed the latest version of their Genesis convertible … [Read More...]

Tom Meade: An Americano In Italia – Doing What All Of Us Wished We Could Do…

From deep in the My Car Quest archives (the Wayback Machine - May 2016) comes this fascinating story … [Read More...]

Confessions of a Barn Finder: Adventures in (Almost) Paradise

by Wallace Wyss - So when I was a kid I liked this TV series called Adventures in Paradise. I … [Read More...]

Selling Your Classic Car

by Mike Gulett - Owning a classic car is a lot of fun but when the time comes selling one can be … [Read More...]

Editorial: Gas Powered Cars – An Enemy of the State?

by Wallace Wyss - If electric cars pretty much take over American roads by 2030, ICE (internal … [Read More...]

What’s Good for General Motors is Good for the Country…

…well, not really. by Mike Gulett - Disappointment can come at unexpected times and from … [Read More...]

What Is The Difference Between A Cobra And A Tiger?

by Mike Gulett -  Both the AC Shelby Cobra and the Sunbeam Tiger were styled by British … [Read More...]

The Older I Get…

by Mike Gulett - The older I get the more my taste in cars, that I want to own, changes. Maybe … [Read More...]

Still Missing: The Pininfarina Cadillac Skylight Twins

I am amazed at what I find deep in the My Car Quest Wayback Machine and this article from December … [Read More...]

Patina: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by Mike Gulett - I pointed out to a friend one time that the interior of his original 1960s … [Read More...]

Editorial: Beware The Salt Monster

Go ahead move back East. But there's something waiting to eat your car... by Wallace Wyss - … [Read More...]

De Tomaso Mangusta – An Untouched Survivor

by Mike Gulett - My friend and car lover, Bud Millard, died about two years ago. I spent time … [Read More...]