My Car Quest

August 3, 2021

Remember Custom Vans From the 1970s?

by Mike Gulett - I remember the 1970s fondly because I was young and having fun. One of the fun … [Read More...]

A Guide to Diagnosis And Repair Of Your Fuel System

The fuel system is the general name for the devices in a car responsible for supplying fuel to the … [Read More...]

The New Ferrari Monza SP2

Expect the Ferrari Monza SP2 to appear during Monterey Car Week. by Wallace Wyss - Ferrari is … [Read More...]

Memories: A Pontiac Show

by Wallace Wyss - The venue was the Automobile Driving Museum, which is hidden away in an … [Read More...]

Monterey Car Week 2021 is Near

by Mike Gulett - There seems to be a lot of interest in attending car events, or maybe any … [Read More...]

Design: Looking Back At The Pininfarina Sergio Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Now cars are supposed to have windscreens, right? So the Pininfarina Sergio … [Read More...]

New Drive: 2022 Volkswagen ID.4

Who better to write it than a guy who's cool to electrics? by Wallace Wyss - Volkswagen is … [Read More...]

Editorial: One Truth About Electric Cars

by Wallace Wyss - I have a radio show where I talk about cars, begrudgingly, (because my … [Read More...]

Why Auction Your Car at No Reserve?

by Mike Gulett - A no reserve auction means that there is not a minimum bid required for the car … [Read More...]

Key Electric Car Maintenance and Repair Tips

Continuous technological advancements have seen the auto industry introduce electric cars in the … [Read More...]

The Swan Song of Pistons for Lotus: The Lotus Emira

by Wallace Wyss - Egad, Lotus brings out a car and it's not a hybrid? Not to worry, there might … [Read More...]

Art: The Man in White Series

"The Man in White" is the name of a series of classic car-related paintings My Car Quest contributor … [Read More...]