My Car Quest

December 2, 2021

Design: The Nissan Electric Roadster Concept

by Wallace Wyss - With all the attention being paid to electric cars, one body style absent … [Read More...]

Beauty and Style – The Dodge Charger III

by Mike Gulett - I have always loved the Chrysler and Dodge concept cars and here is a beauty … [Read More...]

Editorial: Let’s Get Real

Starting with the White House. by Wallace Wyss - I was surprised when President Biden … [Read More...]

AutoMobility LA 2021

Text and photos by Richard Bartholomew - The Show is back and maybe coming to a town near you. … [Read More...]

Tips For Driving Internationally

When you love cars, it’s natural to want to spend time driving them as much as possible. This … [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving America!

by Mike Gulett - I have a lot to be thankful for including that the coronavirus pandemic seems … [Read More...]

Design Critique: 2022 Range Rover

More minimalist than ever. by Wallace Wyss - There is a movement in modern art called … [Read More...]

Another Long Lost GM Show Car: The Buick Wildcat III

by Wallace Wyss - When Harley Earl was GM VP in charge of Styling (later a word replaced by … [Read More...]

Design Review: 2022 Fisker Ocean SUV

by Wallace Wyss - Been following Henrik Fisker since he worked for Aston Martin and Jaguar. We … [Read More...]

Mercedes EQS A Conservative Approach to an Electric Sedan

by Wallace Wyss - Mercedes has fielded an all new electric sedan, designed to compete with … [Read More...]

Rediscovering the Joy of Driving

Do you remember the feeling you had when you were first practising for your driving test? In all … [Read More...]

Book Review: Holman & Moody The Legendary Race Team

Review by Wallace Wyss - Title: Holman & Moody The Legendary Race Team Publisher: Octane Press … [Read More...]