My Car Quest

March 25, 2023

One Artist’s Lifelong Obsession With an Obscure Italian Bolide

by Wallace Wyss - So at least half a century ago I was a budding poet, had won a poetry award … [Read More...]

Is Hiring An Auto Accident Lawyer Expensive?

Auto accident claims can be complicated, and insurance companies' coverage explanations may leave … [Read More...]

How Many Multi-Generation Apollo GT Owners Are There?

by Mike Gulett - The Apollo GT was an American made sports car produced from 1962 to 1964 in … [Read More...]

Pondering the Folly of Flippery of the Annual Model Change

A matter of philosophy. by Wallace Wyss - In pondering the (sales) success of Tesla (Never … [Read More...]

Car Accidents: Common Causes And Ways A Lawyer Can Help

Car accidents can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. They can leave victims with … [Read More...]

How to Avoid Five Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Riding a bicycle is a very convenient mode of transportation. Whether going to work, visiting a … [Read More...]

Volvo Concept Recharge

by Wallace Wyss - Volvo's latest production cars still have the anchor around their neck of … [Read More...]

Vintage Pickups That Still Rule the Roads

Classic trucks are a sight to behold. They exude an old-school charm that’s hard to find in … [Read More...]

The First Elvis Presley 507 (1957 BMW 507)

From the My Car Quest Wayback Machine I found this interesting story from April 2020. I hope you all … [Read More...]

Top Tips For Choosing Your Next Family Car

When it comes to choosing a car, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. With so many options on the … [Read More...]

Opinion: The Push for Robotaxis – I say “Not So Fast, Boys”

by Wallace Wyss - Elon Musk seems to be leading the way on this--a robot driven taxi. He has the … [Read More...]

Safe Parking Tips for Truck Drivers

Finding parking as a truck driver can be tough, it is made even tougher when looking for safe … [Read More...]