My Car Quest

January 28, 2022

Do We Need a Yoke Instead of a Steering Wheel?

Or do we want a yoke? by Wallace Wyss - I am in the throes of writing a book on Elon … [Read More...]

Concept Cars: 1965 Corvette Mako Shark

Retrospectively, admittedly it was wretched excess but at least two features are on cars … [Read More...]

Beautiful Women in Car Advertisements

by Mike Gulett - Advertisers have used beautiful women to sell just about everything since the … [Read More...]

Personalities: Gary Bobileff of Bobileff Motorcar Company

by Wallace Wyss - When I first met Gary Bobileff back in his bearded youth, he was trying to … [Read More...]

Design: BMW Concept XM

A mistake from the word "Go". by Wallace Wyss - I watch Frank Stephenson's YouTube videos … [Read More...]

The Nissan Prince R380 – A Winning Race Car

by Mike Gulett - The Prince R380 was Japan's first purpose built "pure racing car". It was built … [Read More...]

Editorial: Planned Obsolescence – Trying to Break Free

by Wallace Wyss - Maybe it was because I was born in the '40s and first became aware of cars in … [Read More...]

Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip

Are you planning for your road trip? There are many things to prepare for, such as choosing where … [Read More...]

The Classic Hudson Hornet

by Mike Gulett -  In the early 1950s Hudson was a formidable competitor in NASCAR. The Hudson … [Read More...]

The Ideal Car (For Me) – Pontiac Trans Am

by Wallace Wyss - It's funny--my education in exotic cars is beyond most casual … [Read More...]

Do You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Car accidents can happen anytime, and such occurrences may negatively impact your life for a long … [Read More...]

Thanks to Electric Cars Hood Scoops Are Going Away

by Mike Gulett - Another reason to dislike the transition to electric cars is we will see the … [Read More...]