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February 24, 2024

Future Collectable: Chrysler Crossfire

by Wallace Wyss and David Lawrence Silver –

O.K. admit it, the Chrysler Crossfire got by you. It came. It went. Gone forever.

You never see them.

But we are here and now putting forward the contention that it’s the next collectable–the next car to buy.

Fast appreciating? No.

Fun to drive? Yes.

Rare? Yes.

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler Crossfire

The Chrysler Crossfire was the progeny of the marriage of Daimler and Chrysler. At first it seemed Daimler was proud of its American spouse, giving them chassis to build cars on for the American market (the Chrysler 300 is still built on an ancient Mercedes chassis design).

But then, for some mysterious reason, Daimler soured on Chrysler and couldn’t wait to dump their American spouse at a loss.

The Chrysler Crossfire was a child of that marriage and we’ve decided that, roughly ten years on, it is worth talking about, worth remembering and worth buying.

One reason it’s worth remembering is that the final product, the production car, retains a lot of the original art deco touches that made the Concept so fresh and exciting. True, Chrysler threw out the split windshield, and the “spine” that reminded you of a Bugatti Atlantic but the Crossfire show car still looked different than anything out there at the time.

Chrysler Crossfire concept

2001 Chrysler Crossfire Concept Vehicle

What makes production Chrysler Crossfires suddenly more collectable than they were is that you can find them on for $6,000. That is a small fraction of their original price, which was over $30,000.

The car was first introduced as a coupe. Then came the roadster, also soon after came the SRT6 versions of both Coupe and Roadster.

The beauty of the car, besides its nice finish inside and out, is that it was a “purebred” underneath–a Mercedes SLK roadster.

Under the bonnet was a 3.2-liter 90-degree V-6, 18-valve SOHC engine available with a six-speed manual or a five-speed automatic transmission.

Chrysler Crossfire Roadster

Now we consider the roadster to be the more collectable of the two. The coupe is, true, more like the prototype in styling but the convertible is sportier.

Chrysler Crossfire

Unfortunately it is not a hardtop convertible which we believe Mercedes already had in the pipeline but for some reason they considered the hardtop not necessary to sell the open version or didn’t want to steal sales from Mercedes. And there is a faction in car design studios that feels convertibles should have cloth tops. Not saying it’s right, but it’s more traditional.

The Chrysler Crossfire roadster had a bit of a tapered, ‘boat tail’ appearance but not as much as the coupe. The whole design played up the sports car’s mammoth rear wheels.

Both the coupe and the roadster had a gadget worth loving the car for–a retractable spoiler which extends itself on little arms when the car reaches 60 miles per hour. The center high-mounted stop lamp (CHMSL) runs the width of the deployable rear spoiler.

On the roadster, there’s two race-inspired fairings integrated into the top of the tonneau cover to give it a modern look.

One thing I think was a bad decision was the metal surround of the convertible top boot was not chrome but black finished metal, which makes the car look cheap. What’s wrong with a little chrome to doll a car up?

Oddly the car had 19-inch rear wheels and 18-inch in the front. That gave it an aggressive stance, but if you had a flat what if you had the wrong size spare? Actually it gets worse–there was, in fact, no spare, just the air inflation bottle and your auto club card which calls the tow truck.

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler claimed only one out of every 150,000 people endures a flat, so why bother with having a spare tire to cope with that? Sounds fine until you have a flat. Unfortunately that is the way of the world with many cars now we’re ten years down the road.

Another styling faux pax was the grooves in the hood. Now we can remember, in the Chris Craft speedboats of the 1930s, the wood in the bow had grooves because each is a separate piece but you lost us–tell us again why this is useful in a car?


The Chrysler Crossfire interior looks like a lot of brushed metal, which, sign of the times, get used to it, is plastic. Still it’s a nice satin finished plastic. And with certain colors of leather, was, and is, beautiful.

Seats were done in leather with Chrysler’s signature winged badge embossed into both headrests.

Precise, elegant gauges are traditional white-on-black with a black bezel and satin silver trim ring. This beautiful interior could benefit from a high quality cover.

Chrysler Crossfire Interior


Chrysler Group planned to build 20,000 Crossfires per year, with approximately 15 percent of production destined for markets outside North America.

Fans of the Karmann Ghia will be surprised to find out that the car was built by Karmann, who not only built the Karmann Ghia but some Porsche 356 cars.


The 3.2-litre V-6 engine powering Chrysler Crossfire was manufactured at Daimler Chrysler’s V-engine plant in Úntertuerkheim, Germany.

This all-aluminum, SOHC, 18-valve engine weighs just 140 kg and produces 160 kW and 310 Nm of torque. We drove the cars and remember them being light, responsive, smooth-revving and ultra-reliable.

Chrysler Crossfire

The engine was designed to deliver high torque across a broad band of engine speeds. While maximum torque is generated at just 3,000 rpm, over 90 percent of maximum torque is available from 2,600-to-5,300 rpm, and 98 percent is available from 3,000-to-4,500 rpm.

Chrysler bragged at the time the car would go from 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 6.5 seconds.


Now Mercedes has the AMG prefix for highly tuned cars you can buy off the showroom floor. Chrysler’s name for their tweaked cars is SRT so there was an SRT version. The Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 featured a hand-built 330 hp 3.2-liter supercharged engine, with a more performance-tuned ride and handling.

The only trouble is that SRT version threw out the extendable spoiler that normally hid in the rear deck and put in its place a fixed in place “dumb” spoiler that looked left over from some muscle car of the ‘60s. True it had a lot more square inches and no doubt laid down more downforce, but it wasn’t trick like the extendable spoiler.

Plus the SRT was only available with an automatic instead of the six speed manual. What’s the sense of having an automatic on the performance version?

We looked up the numbers made and while it shows Chrysler fell far short of their total production goal, the number produced is small enough so that you can consider the car rare, and thus, because of their fun quotient in the driving category, potentially collectable.

A really small production number would be like 1400 Gullwing coupes but today “small” is around 10,000 units of a car. This is seven times that but still a small number, especially when you separate out the open cars, and the SRT cars.

The beauty of it is that it has Mercedes Benz engineering and Karmann ain’t no amateur coachbuilder either. There is at least two clubs to join so you know where there’s service and parts, and I don’t think there’s another car at that price that has the fun driving and the rare looks. We are putting it way ahead of the Cadillac Allante, another two seater sold in America but bodied in Europe, and the TC by Maserati, which is a mediocre assemblage of parts.

Chrysler Crossfire

OK we admit it. The car was a flop. Put it down to bad timing. Looking back on its short run from the viewpoint of 2016, we have since seen a re-emergence by the big Detroit Car Companies into the retro high performance market.

The new muscle cars are highly sought after not only by the youth market, but by the group that is now turning 50 who loved their Camaro or Firebird or Mustang back in the day. Retro style connoisseurs strive to get muscle cars to move them to exhibitions or to proudly drive city streets. Retro is in and is the King of Cool on the streets.

Back when the Chrysler Crossfire came out, there had yet to be the high performance retro re-introduction revolution, and the Crossfire was forced to survive on its looks and performance, in a very narrow hi-performance market at the time.

Plus it was sophisticated, not muscle bound like the later retro-inspired muscle cars. And high priced, I mean $32K to $35K was a lot of money for a little two seater back then.

European Styling

The Crossfire mostly appealed to a more sporty set with an appreciation of European Styling. This demographic niche yearned for European Sports-car handling and characteristics instead of stop light to stop light speed, and the America Apple Pie Retro Hi-Po look.

Fact is, sadly, this little jewel was soon lost among all the white noise, most likely. When the Chrysler muscle cars began to sell like crazy, nobody wanted that little Euro-car.

The car was sold in several countries, so in some countries it is going to be extremely rare. Good luck on being able to order body panels in those countries but at least the car’s mechanicals can be serviced at a Mercedes mechanic. And if you join a Crossfire owner’s club you’ll soon hear of crashed cars being stripped of parts and be able to buy body panels if you prang yours (thank God for car clubs, keeping so many cars alive…).

So going by the low price they are now we would home in on the rarest sub-model, and an open car in place of the coupe, thus an SRT roadster. The only trouble is, it only came in automatic and it had that “dumb” rear spoiler.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

THE AUTHORS: Wallace Wyss is the author of the “Incredible Barn Finds” books from Enthusiast Books (715) 381 9755 and David Lawrence Silver is a collector of rare and exotic cars, based in Willow Springs, California.

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Future Collectable: Chrysler Crossfire
Article Name
Future Collectable: Chrysler Crossfire
The Chrysler Crossfire was the progeny of the marriage of Daimler and Chrysler and is a future collectable car.


  1. Agree with Mike, these are very neat cars with much to offer including really interesting styling. they represent an incredible value in the market place, should be quite reliable with reasonable performance. Look under the hood and for all the world it is a Mercedes.

  2. I saw one of these just two days ago. I spent just a little time looking more closely at it. I just cannot get beyond the strakes on the hood. They do not appeal to me at all. I am sure that they are critical in shoring up the long panel and keeping it from “oil canning”, but they still look bad.
    What surprises me about this article is that Karmann was involved. Here we are “back” at another Chrysler collaboration — I only recently learned about the earlier effort that resulted in the Karmann Ghia that VW ended up with. Now that’s a long relationship.
    But.. back to my dislike for the hood strakes, when the original Karmann Ghia was produced by VW, that horrible droopy nose got shored up and lifted to the brighter “perkier” nose we came to love. Seems that there has to be some kind of carbon fiber hood “out there” that would lose those strakes for the Crossfire…

    • There is I have one

    • I have an 05 Roadster, and I love the hood. To each his own l guess. The one thing l miss in this car is rack and pinion steering.

      • Rack and pinion would be far to twitchy with the 18 inch and 19 inch set up, the under steering would be awful,
        the ware on a rack and pinion would also shorten it life span, the under steering on the standard set up is not good, fitting 18 inch wheels front and rear does give the car better handling, the designers opted for the recirculating ball system for a reason.

        • They opted for the recirculating ball because that is what the first gen SLK was built with and this is pretty much a first gen SLK under the skin.

    • In my opinion, I totally agree with their decision to use the six strakes on the front hood. I believe this was taken from the Chris Craft lake motor boats of the 1930’s, whereby fitting directly into the retro look that they wanted to achieve. With that in mind, they nailed it. I never get tired of looking off my front porch at my originally owned 2004 Crossfire Coupe; it never gets old. I totally love EVERYTHING about the car and always have since I purchased it. Chao, CPM.

  3. While I agree these are good values now in the used car marketplace, Jim is correct that they are reliable and offer interesting styling as well.

    However – so too was the Cadillac Allante (still is), Buick Reatta, and Ford Thunderbird (recent edition). But these “personal luxury” cars were designed with the same goal at delivery as still desired by buyers today – a personal car that offers luxury appointments at a reasonable price. This does not intersect with “collectible” even though the other traits might align with collectible cars of the past.

    A Crossfire will always generate interest among car people who will want to drive and enjoy their cars as statements of luxury and uniqueness. But the pricing on these will never be significantly above the price of a newer offering that serves the same purpose. Just as many muscle cars are now flat on value as “collectible” due to new Mustang, Camaro, and Dodge products offering twice as much power and (safer) performance as the old versions.

    Crossfires offer an interesting history and unique visual characteristics. Desirable Yes, but collectible? Not now, and likely not for decades to come, as long as car companies offer similar vehicles with more features.

    • Deborah A Lacerenza says

      Disagree, while tens of thousands of Allante, Reatta T-Birds, Mustangs, Camaros were produced, only a few thousand Crossfire Convertibles were ever made. And due to insurance companies totaling them in minor fender benders, there are only a few left still on the road. A Crossfire convertible just went for $34,000 at a Barret auction with the owner turning down new offers

      • Deborah A Lacerenza says

        My X-Fire is black with a six speed trans. My daily driver is a custom painted Sapphire blue metallic blue SLK 230 hard top convertible. Both draw admirers.

  4. Wallace Wyss says

    When manual shifts are no longer offered, that will help its popularity. But when you talk of modern cars, let’s say a 2017 MX-5 or Fiat 124 at $25K to $30,000 vs, a Crossfire at $6000 I would be hard pressed to decide

  5. Glenn Krasner says

    These were under-appreciated at the time and still are. When you see them on the road, you cannot help but love their unique, yet impressive styling and Mercedes guts. Americans did not know what to make of them, and they were priced high for what many incorrectly thought was an American model. I have always thought they were collectible based on the low numbers produced. I have never seen the convertible version in person – they must be really rare!

    • Actually, the Limited Roadster was the MOST produced model, in particular the 2005 model year.
      NOTE: The SRT6 model is an automatic because the then available 6 speed manual could not handle the torque.

  6. I’m on my third Crossfire convertible. Not only a wonderful and fun sports car, but the buy of the CENTURY right now! It should be noted that the car comes with a really good group of owners – the local Crossfire bunch gets together, on average, once every two months in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area. 🙂

  7. Charles Colombani says

    I love taking my SRT-6 out and shaming Mustang, Camaro and Corvette owners at the track. Very easy 400WHP and reliable to boot. There’s a strong online community that will go out of their way to help people out. There’s a reason most owners have more than one in their lifetime. We currently own 3 as toys.

  8. Mark Vargas says

    I own a 2005 Roadster and love it. I will soon be buying a red manual coupe and a SRT. I sure wish the SRT was a manual. I am not interested in the collector’s value because I want to DRIVE.

    • gerald monken says

      I have a 2005 SRT6 for sale if you are interested. Only 38K miles and showroom condition. Every thing works and no issues. Give me a call to discuss Gerry Monken 480 298 1399 I am located in Prescott ,Az

  9. Winston laxamana says

    I heard a lot of negatives … but once i owned it … its one of the smoothest and fast accelerating cars i have driven … currently own an 05 coupe automatic … its fast … kicked it to 130 miles per hour no issues … its a very good car as far as my experiemce …

  10. Crossfires are not for everyone, but those that do love them should make room in their life for the joy of owning and driving such a delightful car. We currently own 2 roadsters and two coupes, ranging from bone stock to a performance modified beast that can spin the tires on the shift to third (aftermarket paddle shifters as well as the stock automatic can be shifted at will). We drive them for the pure enjoyment; they are not garage queens. I don’t see them as an investment but If I choose to sell they will not hurt me with heavy depreciation. It is said that only about 1000 roadsters and 2300 coupe SRT 6s were produced, with many gone 11 years out.

  11. I have owned a limited coup…, a Special Edition roaster…….more fun, and now the SRT-6…..unbeatable. They are fast, very fast, take the curves like no other car, they hug the road, the peddle shift is faster than the manual, the car has view problems and a whole world of friends to call for help. The front look could be more prominent but the rear is a pleasure to view. When you race a Ferrari and the guy just can’t understand why he cannot leave you in the dust…….oh, it really makes your day. Every time I sit in it, there is a moment of pure pleasure of the power under my seat.

  12. Robert Davis says

    THANKS for using the photo of my very own Sapphire Silver Blue SRT6 coupe (sitting in front of my house) for your article! FYI – I own THREE SRT6s. Two roadsters and that coupe pictured in the article. The SRT6 coupe is available for sale!

    • Hi Bob, I spotted your Gator mail box in the photo & knew the SSB was yours. Red Runner

      • Linda Curtis says

        I have a 2005 black Crossfire for sale. It is automatic
        And has almost 30,000 miles. We’re selling it because
        We are no longer able to keep it shining and do not get
        To drive it very much. My husband has cancer and
        Can’t get in and out of it. Asking what car fax recommended
        $8,500. Phone 573 922 8947 if interested

    • Thomas Blow says

      If you still have an SRT-6 for sale please email me thanks.

  13. I have had a coupe for past 10 years and still love it. Coupe probably a better bet for our English weather.
    Had no mechanical problems but tyres/wheels have given a few headaches.
    As said, a few new BMWs and other quality cars have sat beside me at the lights with their drivers having a superior face. However, they soon changed their look when the lights changed. Great fun to drive.

  14. Dave Gingrich says

    My 05 Crossfire SRT Roadster has shamed many other “sportier” cars including Porsches and BMW’s. Mine is supercharged and quite fun to drive. A real bargain, if you can find a good one.

  15. ben duijvestijn says

    the prototype crossfire looks much better

  16. I just bought a chrysler crossfire limited roaster 2005 can someone tell me how much horsepower it has

  17. David Zahner says

    i have a 2007 red blaze pearl paint convertible with the factory 13 spoke allow stock wheels . everywhere i go people ask me about the car . i bought it new and kept it in the garage i drive a van for work therefore have only put 46,000 miles on it and those are just having fun and playing miles it is a blast to drive and answering people’s questions about the car . my stepdaughter really wants it and i am seriously thinking about giving it to her soon . anyway all the crossfire drivers out there keep driving and having fun no other car like them .

  18. David Zahner says

    yes 215 3.2 liter

  19. I love my 2004 crossfire….was going to buy a used corvette ….but seems everyone has one…very few have the crossfire….I always get told how beautiful it is….nice car for back country roads ….the large continental extreme contact tires and the wishbone suspension on the crossfire hold the road like glue…the ride is very quiet for a two seat sports couple with 18 inch front and wide 19 inch rear tires. The v six mercedes is no rocket but does move the car quickly 0-60 IN 6.2 SECONDS is no slouch…….. the car is 95% Mercedes Benz ….slk frame ,engine, and tranny….good job mercedes….

  20. I bought my wife a 2005 crossfire limited black exterior cedar and grey interior. We have managed to accumulate 40,000 on the car in just 12 years. It is our fun car as we are now in our 70’s and retired. The choice when I bought the car was between the relaunched Thunderbird or the Crossfire. After driving and research of both, looks, performance there was no question CROSSFIRE for sure. We love the car and heads turn everywhere we go, I think had they come out with roadster the same year as the coupe the sales and acceptance would have been greater. As far as the price if you remember that Datsun Z car and Ford T-Bird both had a relaunch and there was a waiting at the dealership to purchase them, they were in the 35 to 40k price range caused by supply and demand. In closing I do not think Chrysler properly promoted that you were actually buying a Mercedes SLK with a redesigned skin. I think the Crossfire also got tagged as the poor mans Mercedes in later years…WE LOVE OUR CROSSFIRE!!!

  21. lee rogers says

    Had my crossfire roadster almost a year, bought for occasional use, its now my daily driver i like driving it so much, its fun to drive, that v6 motor is a delight, and i really like the look the car has, especially with the roof down, the rarity is a bonus, nice having something thats different, i think there an absolute bargain for what you get, they may well become a sought after and collectable car one day, but i for one intend driving and enjoying my crossfire for a good while yet

  22. I’ve had my srt coupe for about a month now and love driving this car. So far I’ve put 3000 miles on it. Yes it’s my daily drive. My son who is 20 is now considering getting one. He is debating over the srt or a 2011 Corvette. I’ve heard some people say it is an “old man’s” car, but I beg to differ. Chrysler/ Dodge has always had unique designs a little ahead of the times and I think that is one of the reasons it didn’t catch on.

  23. One correction on the commentary though, the original did NOT have a split windshield but rather a single windshield wiper that parked in the middle giving the illusion of a split windshield.

    • Terry Fulkerson says

      My wife and I always like the styling. We were looking for a 6 cylinder 2 seater American car. I liked the Pontiac Solstice and My wife the Gm Sky but both were only 4 cylinders. Low and behold. Ford laid me off in 2008, a first for me. What should I do I thought. Well let’s go on vacation to Branson I told my wife. Oh and by the way let’s buy a 2005 (yellow) Crossfire off ebay. I just happened to be at the Branson exit. Boom! 10 days later we were driving that baby home from a nice vacation. Still only has 28000 miles on it and runs great.

  24. SRT6 Coupe says

    I got my SRT6 coupe here in Vancouver Canada. I got it for 9 grand because it has the rebuilt status. The only work I can see is the rad support needed to be pulled and a fender hood and grill.Theres no waves on the frame rails and only new thing under the hood is a radiator. If the air bags go off they write them off because the air bag powder wrecks all the electronic stuff. 38 thousand miles on it and drives like brand new. Why don’t the young kids buy these instead of Honda Civics. 13 second quarter mile and top speed of 165 mph and cheap to buy.Reminds me of an old 240Z.

  25. Jennifer Busch says

    Thank you all for posting here. After reading on this and a couple of other forums and Crossfire sites, our search will definitely continue for just the right one for us. We have looked at 4 so far.☺

    • John Doucette says

      I own a 2004 black beauty with 86000 klms or around 52000 miles in all original condition .Only things changed were tires.The car looks brand new ,an automatic with prestine enterior also.If you are still looking for a like new crossfire send me an e mail,we can talk.Regards J Doucette

  26. Bob Wachtel says

    Dear Jennifer, Try to get the most powerful engine if you can. I think there was a 425 horsepower optional V-8 available. It should definitely add to the car’s future resale value. I’m pretty sure Chrysler made a convertible Crossfire as well as the fastback coupe. If I lived in the northern parts of the U.S. I’d opt for the coupe. If I lived in the southern parts of the U.S. I’d then go for the convertible. It seems that convertibles always go for more $ on the resale market. Good luck!

  27. In uk they are really unusual. Faster than a e46 330i m sport and easily on par with a 350z but way cheaper to buy and insure. Also mpg is around 5 better than the z. No gimmicks and great n/a muscle feel to them. For many brits they are a budget vantage. I have a 3.2 manual in black with a fabricated exhaust. Sounds like thunder and shames many new cars at the lights. I will never sell it. Its so good i went out and brought my wife a blaze red manual. Great cars that are now being snapped up here. Prices will rise quickly in the next few years.

  28. Beachbum44 says

    I just discovered this site today and have enjoyed reading everyone’s post. When I turned 50 and was in a little bit of a depressed mood I told my husband I was going out to buy some hair spray and came home with my Crossfire. This was in 2004. My local Chrysler dealership had just got their first 2 in, one black and one in the silver/ blue. I have so many compliments still on this car and have lost count of how many times I have been stopped at a light by people asking me if I “made the car do that” when the spoiler comes up or down. I don’t drive it a lot, it just rolled over 31,000 and have thought about selling since I’m getting older but my husband says you’ll regret it. I had a Datsun 280z back in the day and always regretted selling it. So… everytime I get it out, I change my mind. Only problem I’m having is it’s been hard to find a right front turn signal. It went out and Chrysler and Mercedes are telling me since its over 10 years old no one has the part? But it’s the best car I’ve ever owned and I’ve had quite a few.

  29. Bob Wachtel says

    Get the latest copy of Hemings Motor News at a large newstand or Barnes and Noble. You should be able to locate This item in the Chrysler parts section. If not, try searching the internet. Good luck!

  30. Bob Wachtel says

    I just found this website. It’s They should have your part. Make sure you give them a photo of the part and its’ location on the car along with any part numbers you may have gotten for the correct part. The carry a big line of Crossfire parts.

  31. Bob Wachtel says

    I’m sorry I seem to have given you the wrong website. It’s my mistake. Here’s the correct one. It’s as follows…………… I already went to their website and found this part. It’s code # FL7 and it’s described as an “amber front side indicator” and it fits the right side of the car or passenger side. It goes for 47.25 euros. I didn’t check to see if there was a toll-free number to order thru. Check out their website and you’ll then be able to view a color image of the part.

    • Beachbum44 says


      You have totally gone above and beyond for me and I appreciate it. The light went out about 3 months ago and I’ve been lost. The Chrysler and Mercedes dealership here were both rude, the Mercedes being the rudest. He actually said he was “tired” of getting questions from Crossfire owners. Mine was the first our local dealership received in 2004 and this is the first issue I’ve had with it. She’s garage kept and I only drive it when it’s pretty outside. I just hit 31,000 miles. I now know where to check if I have anymore questions.

      Thanks again,

  32. Jennifer Busch says

    We are still looking for our very first Crossfire. Thank you Bob for your reply. The one we had our sights set on was sold the morning of the day we had decided it was the one.? We are looking for a convertible. AN SRT seems to have the most powerful engine but doesn’t have the cute automatic spoiler that was mentioned. It’s nice to know there is a place to get parts if needed.

    • Al Cianfarani says

      Hi Jennifer,i have not been on this site before.If your looking for a rare find when it comes to Chrysler Crossfires I have it.I can send you picks if your still in the market.I have a Oyster Gold Crystal Metallic 2007 limited edition roadster(only 50 in USA ,with Dark Slate/Cedar interior, no information as how many but has to be rare..Im just about to turn 53,000 original miles.Im the 3rd owner,1st Chrysler Executive but never titled,2nd owner im still in contact with.So much more but ill let the pictures do the talking.I know my bottom line $9,500.00 and title in hand.Its all stock except for I chromed the Factory Rims($1,200).I just had a new Original Equipment Manufacture Convertible Top put on 2 months ago at the Dealership/life time warranty(over $2,000.00).Still smells new & I would drive her anywhere with not one worry.

  33. Mike Combs says

    Tomorrow I travel about 200 miles to pickup my little red 2007 Crossfire Roadster. Found it on Craigslist as a 1owner masterpiece that is about as new as I have ever seen in a used car. I’m 70 years old so I have seen a few. Started to buy a Corvette but just couldn’t resist this impecible beauty. Can’t wait to hit the interstate to get it home. Wife says she wont ride in it with top down might mess up her hair. Like anyone would care. This is my 3rd recent midlife crisis convertible. Had the Cadillac Allante, then a Jaguar xk and now this. Cant. Wait

  34. Jennifer Busch says

    Congratulations Mike on your grest find! We have finally test driven 2 Crossfires. One was a black 6 speed convertible that needs minor inside body work. Seller says ebay has the parts. As soon as we turned onto the main road in the 6 speed we received a complement from a man in a pu truck who exclaimed what a nice car we had and how much he liked that spoiler in the back that rises when it reaches 60 mph.. The other wss a red automatic convertible and in better cosmetic condition. The spoiler didn’t rise until slowing down from 60ish at around 50 but the black one rose right away at reaching the higher speed. The more I looked at the black one after the test drive I kept saying I really liked it but all I could say about that red one after driving it is Wow! The power was awesome in that one and we could really hear that engine roar. There are 2 more test drives planned this week.

  35. Mike Combs says

    Well I have had my baby for about a week now and all I can say is WOW….. Nothing like it ever.. Jennifer race to Ebay now there is a little red Roadster for a incredible price. Same care as mine only it’s about $3500 less that I paid for mine ); but what the hey I have it and I love it. You should really get you a Limited Roadster. Has all the goodies and it is a traffic stopper. I bet I have had 10 people ask me what it is and that it is beautiful.. A truly going to enjoy chasing the sun this spring.

  36. After looking at the market for approximately three years, I purchased a 2004 limited coupe three days ago. This will be the fourth two- seater I have owned, the first being a 1971 Datsun 240Z. I purchased the” Z” new in ’71 for $3200 dollars ( wow, if I could only go back ). My CF is bold, strong, and powerful. Every time I drive this car I get blow away and am glad I made the purchase. I hope that I may join a CF club to interact with other CF owners and pick their brains for knowledge of the 2004 Crossfire. Get in touch, Carl.

  37. Nick Phillips says

    They will become collectors car . I remember when a Triumph TR 6 was being sold second hand for £800 today a good one fetches £25,000. The Cross Fire is a unique car it’s styling performance puts it in the muscle car bracket . My wife owns a 2005 soft top with 32000 on the clock immaculate maybe we will not get the top Dollar for it but my grandsons will in another 20 years . That’s assuming petrol will still be available.

  38. Tom Tesmar says

    Selling my pristine SRT6 Roadster with 18000 miles on it. New pen tires not mounted yet. Located near Minneapolis, but has never been driven in the winter. Blue.

  39. Robert j Rauscher says

    I just inherited my mom’s 2007 Black roadster. To my shock it only had 2480 miles on it when I replaced the battery and turned the key. I knew it was not driven much but Geez!

    It is factory perfect. I put new tires on it (they were original) and am putting a Magna Flow cat back exhaust on it to beef up the sound. I have a fully restored 1970 Corvette but I enjoy driving this little sports car very much. Now my only dilemma is which to take to cruise nights and car shows!

  40. Jennifer says

    We are still looking for one. Test drove 3 of them and really like them. Looking for a convertible.

    • Donovan Rozek says

      Have one owner 2006 limited roadster red in color charcoal/vanilla interior fully loaded never driven in rain or snow adult driven auto trans mint only 4300 miles yes that’s correct this roadster is museum quality asking price$23,000

  41. John Whelchel says

    My wife and I are fortunate to live in the Gainesville, Ga area Mark Christopher (an absolute genius) with the electronic problems and Zack Joslyn his counterpart mechanically are always at our “Tech Day’ meetings every 4 to 6 weeks in Gainesville we have as a few as 4 or most 17 cars gather together and work,discuss, learn and admire our collection of Crossfires as one of our group has a car lift available there is very little that we can’t do or haven’t done for each other for those of you looking to purchase a Crossfire take your time shop around and you will never regret the purchase

    • Mary Sosebee says

      John, I live in Gainesville GA as well. I purchased my CF last year and would love to join your “Tech Day” meetings.

  42. Kim Purdiman says

    I’m looking to buy a Crossfire, I live in Chicago. Does anyone have any advice on how and where I should look for one, mileage, price, year? A convertible would be nice but, not a deal breaker, thanks!

  43. I am in the process of buying a 2006 Crossfire roadster (I assume it is a base model); will pick it up this Monday about 1,500 miles from where I live….. has 18,000 miles, black with grey interior; looks to be mint. Is $10,500 reasonably? Also, has anyone had any issues with fat tires? Just found out today that there isn’t any spare! Any comments would be helpful.

    • FRED H. SMITH says

      I have an 05 Limited roaddster, purchased new, garage kept and 17,000 miles.. jusf replaced tirers as 15 years ages them and I am prone to kick it up a little bit,,,,,bought without test drive and as a TOY….. love it,,ps i’m 84

  44. David Zahner says

    they come with run flat tires all you get is a pump you can go 50 miles after pumping up tire and the front tires are 18 inch and thinner and rear tires are 19 inch and wide

  45. No spare is not a problem as stated they come with a pump etc. However, i carry an aftermarket can of tyre inflator foam so i dont have too use the inbuilt system. And besides that after over 30 years of driving i have had about 3 punctures so the odds are favourable. In anycase you dont even get a spare in an Aston Martin so its not an issue. I would say i noted a comment on here that says “reasonable performance” which i find a bit is an understatement. I mean its on par with a 350Z which is no slouch. I have a custom fabricated exhaust on mine along with k&n filters and decent sparks and its bloody quick. Gives me 6 mpg better than the nissan that costs twice as much and needs constant tuning. Beats it heads down in looks too. 6 seconds to 60 is a fast car as most people would consider around 7 to 8 seconds as a fast car in the real world. I went up against an Audi R5 the other week. Brand new and costing ten times as much as my coupe and although i could not get past him i was on his heels all the way. I would say thats impressive. Lots of poke for a 30mpg return. Its quicker than the e46 330i m sport i have now brought the wife. Yeah i sold her red Crossfire but it gave me an excuse to buy a nice classic BMW convertible so happy days. I am never selling my Crossfire and am getting it remapped in the near future as whatever you drive you always want more speed! But “reasonable performance” no. Fast yes. On the appreciating slow comment that will (and is starting too) change as the poor examples are bottoming out and people are catching onto these now so expect prices to start too rise. Whilst i appreciate its not a 5 litre GT Mustang price wise its an absolute bargain. Especially here in the UK where people seem to be happy to lease their Audi 2 litre diesels (yawn) for stupidly high money per month and don’t even own them but have too hand them back after 3 or 4 years. Talk about stupid or what! My Crossfire gets loads of comments and attention and is fully paid up. Yeah of course i would love a 5 litre Mustang but in the real world with a family etc. my coupe represents tremendous value for money. It really is my “mini Vantage”.

    • Hello Mark….Thanks for the info, I had already asked the seller to buy a couple of containers of inflator foam since I can’t carry it on the flight down to Florida.Looking forward to the trip back. Looking forward to future communications…I’ll probably have lots of questions….

  46. Thom Tschetter says

    I bought my first Crossfire on Easter Day this year. It’s a 2007 Limited Coupe, Black in color and had only 40,000 miles.

    It has a unique history. My neighbor purchased 2 brand new Crossfires back in 2012 through a friend of his who was an exec with Chrysler. Apparently there were a fairly large number of them in a warehouse that had never been shipped to dealers. He bought the coupe that I now own as well as a convertible that I wished I could have bought, instead.

    My wife and I love it, though. We’ve added blind spot and back-up cameras with a rear view mirror display. It really helps with the marginal visibility I experience due to a neck fusion a few years ago.

    We immediately headed off for a road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, on the Lake Powell and then visited all the National Parks throughout Utah. We purposely avoided freeways… I don’t have to tell you why. What a great trip.

    Last week a white 2006 limited convertible found me. The best news was that my wife encouraged me to buy that one too… so I did!

    Now I have one for each foot!!!!

  47. Thom Tschetter says

    Does anyone know if the center rear brake light bar can be repaired? It’s working, but a few bulbs are burnt out.

    • Inge Harry says

      There is a company in Franklin, GA that does it. You send it in, they fix it same day and back to you. Very quick work.It’s call LED fix. Look it up on the internet. Can’t remember the phone number. If you need other info on your Crossfire Check out the

  48. I am interested in buying a 04 Crossfire, I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I have seen just one since I have been living here. Are the repairs expensive on the vehicle. What is the best place to get them serviced for oil changes? any information will help. I have been thinking two weeks now to go ahead and purchase the vehicle. I know it’s 2018 and most younger people are into mustangs etc. But I am not even just being 28 years old.

    • Nena, go for it! You can service them yourself if you want. Its simple and will not represent any problems to the home enthusiast.For parts – here in the UK – i always go to Mercedes Benz as Chrysler seem to 1) know very little about the Corssfire and 2) Chrysler parts prices are way too expensive compared to Merceds Benz parts (which are surprisingly reasonable for a luxury brand car). It’s a Mercedes Benz 320SLK under the skin. Parts are not a problem and there are plenty of breakers yards with SLK parts readily available should you not need to pay out for brand new parts. The engine is bulletproof. One thing that will add a few quid (or bucks) is you will need to buy a few extra litres of oil compared to a lot of normal cars but the extra amount is nominal and really worth the worry. Servicing costs are low. Avoid the main stealerships, sorry i mean dealerships and book it in with your trusted local garage. There’s not much to fail on them at all. The RCM (relay control module) can be a weak point as the solder on the circuit board can start to fail BUT if you know somebody who can solder it’s an easy fix. Mine lights up the engine management light when it’s going to rain or has not been driven for a few weeks but it goes out after a day or so (or when the sun comes out). Mercedes have qouted me just £152 inc. tax for a replacement RCM which is simple to replace and can be unplugged and replaced in about 10 minutes. If you do a lot of the work yourself these cars really do represent tremendous value for money. I would recommend the manual as i like driving a sports car with a stickshift but it’s entirely up too you as a lot of people like automatic (which i tried and was just as much fun). So, basically they are bulletproof, have good performance 6.3 seconds and 30mpg average, art deco styling that is unique as well. I knew nothing about them when i brought mine apart from having home mechanics experience i have picked up through the years. Here in the UK with most people driving 2.0 litre diesels they are mini muscle cars. Until i come up against a Mustang of course! But my Crossfire looks a million dollars whilst only costing a few thousand where as the ‘Stang 5.0GT is 46,000 pounds.

  49. Tyrone Moore says

    i have a 2005 convertible roadster that needs some serious repairs. I am on the brink of trying to get rid of it but I’m so in love with this car that it is hard to do. – My hood has a hose that prevents the top from coming down because the hydraulic fluid keeps running out. And there is a leak somewhere in the hood where it latches to the front that lets rain water in which caused my fuse box to get wet which in turn keeps turning my alarm system lights on even when the car is off. Now today i go to start the car and my battery is dead because of this. Does anyone have any suggestions.

  50. Jim Keating says

    I have a 2004 Crossfire it only had 17,000 miles on it approximately 8 years ago., when I saw it I fell in love with it.
    I am 78 years old and I felt it would be the last car I would ever buy. I felt because of the few made, looks and uniqueness of it ,the crossfire would be a collectable. This week the bottom fell out of that assumption. By the way the car only has 59,000 thousand miles on it. This is what happened. The key stopped opening the the door locks.
    Before I got new button batteries the keys the key stopped starting the car. When you turned the keys the dash lights and radio would come on but when it hit the starter you got no sound and the car would not start. I took it to the dodge dealer and they gave me a figure to authorize. I authorized.The first found a series of relays connected to fuse box and said it would cost $992.00 I authorized it. They cam back to me and stated it still did not start and I needed another set of relays connected to starter for $662.00. I authorized. The cam back to me again saying it did not start but it was now giving me an error code stating it was the key. They told me another key would cost $830.00 and there may also be a $90.00 programing. Also that only Chrysler could produce that key as they were the only ones who had the necessary program and it would take two weeks. That is where I am now should I pay ,even though it may not fix the car, or junk a very nice car with only 60.000 miles on it. an you imagine where you would be at if you planned to keep this car a long time. Obviously. at the mercy of Chrysler
    They being only ones you could get parts from and possible service. The car is noted for electrical problems.
    That is where I am at today as I write this. I think it is the worst thing that has happened to me in my life. Would appreciate any help you might be able to give me. I am at wits end because even if I let them rape me over the key ECT. I am not sure they will be able to fix the car

    • Did you try going on ? There is plenty of help there.

    • Over here in the UK you can get a brand new relay control module from Mercedes Benz for £152 and fit it yourself in two minutes for free. Do not go to Chrysler as they know toss all about Crossfires and will charge you three or four times the price. Spec your relays/fuses from the R170 320SLK and also check out ebay for breakers. There may not be many Crossfires about but there are loads of SLK’s. I hope that is of help else i can find some prices here in UK for you.

    • This is for Jim Keating– This is your lucky day, I had the same exact problem with my ’04 CF coupe. Online at the CF Forum it is called, “no crank-no start” problem. Not to worry-it’s a rather easy fix- not expensive at all. Happened to me as I was driving, the car just shut-off and wouldn’t start (no crank-no start).If this problem is not addressed early on, it will lead to the alternator going bad and then the battery. With that in mind, here’s what I did. In the engine bay you have a RCM (relay control module)- there are 3 connections that need to be re-soldered. In one panel, on the left side, all next to each other, there are 3 pins that lose contact , so you need to put solder on each one , so they make a good connection. Then, make sure that your alternator and battery are both good, and that should be it. Try starting your car! I needed to replace both my alternator and battery along with the soldering. I was capable of doing the job myself , so it just cost me the cost of the alternator, as the battery was under warranty. All of the above info can be viewed via YOU TUBE, so you can see exactly how it is done. If for some reason this does not work, then you need to replace the CRANKSHAFT SENSOR and/or the CAMSHAFT SENSOR- both cost approx. $50 each, and are replaced simply by unplugging and plugging the new ones in. Good luck Jim— P.S. this can also be found at the site.

  51. Martin Bakker says

    super charged crossfire SRT6 RHD going up for sale in New Zealand, one of 78 made
    super rear,
    keep your eyes on

  52. John (Groundpilot) Gottschamer says

    I have not yet “bonded” with my 05 SRT6 Coupe, nor am I expecting any appreciation in it’s “value” during the rest of my life as an old geezer. It is a remarkable little car, well built, perhaps somewhat over-engineered, and unfortunately overly influenced by Chrysler marketing decisions that cut its life far too short. There were only about 2300 05 SRT6 coupes built, so by numbers alone, it is rare. But with little or no demand (as evidenced by the going prices) “rare” has little influence in the price/value of the car. Crossfire rare also does little to determine current collectivity. To me, the appreciation question is dormant, moot at best. I’m not going to anticipate anything – well I will anticipate my next street “race” when from a stop lite I’ll wipe out another Stang, or Vette, or MoPar, or . . . I will anticipate my next cruise night, parade, car show, or errand run. As “they” say, “Life’s too short to drive a boring car.”

    • James Sumner says

      Hi John yes the SRT6 seems to be able to get away from the lights nicely, I was pleasantly surprised while having a go with a bi turbo 6 litre Merc very much surprised me but not as much as the owner of the 200 k plus Mercedes talk about make my day

  53. Well, I finally found my Crossfire. I have been looking since November, monitoring the market and finally found one I couldn’t let get away. It’s a Black 2004 6 speed Coupe with only 23,439 miles and I bought it for $9600. It is a 2 owner with clean Carfax. There is not another car out there that can give you that much fun with a “Rare” factor for those kind of dollars. I anticipate holding onto this car for YEARS to come, and don’t tell my wife, but I’d love to add a convertible one day.

    Happy Motoring

  54. Kevin Crawford says

    I love passing a car and hitting 60mph at the same time so the spoiler engages. Pretty cool

  55. Lydia Ortiz-Nixon says

    I love mine, 6900 miles on her. Why on the water cap is the word water in German. Or the some of the parts say Mercedes

    • Glenn Krasner says


      Wow! That car is gorgeous!!! Mercedes owned Chrysler from 1998 to 2007, and basically used many Mercedes components when building the Crossfire here in the States, including the entire engine. Even the side coves/striations are a design cue that is supposed to hark back to the classic gullwing Mercedes 300SL, which used a similar design cue. Keep enjoying your beautiful, low-mileage car!!! Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  56. KEN JOHNSON says

    I bought a black 2005 SRT6 for my daughter. It got totaled and I purchased an identical one for myself. I am incensed this article talked negative about the lines in the hood, which look different than most cars and so they are unique and I love them. Same with the fixed wing on the back. I love everything about this car except the standard rims–ugly, but I love the SRT6 ones, the cup holder, which is ridiculously designed and the wing that pops up at 60mph, which seems like a goofy gadget. Bottom line, this is the most beautiful car in almost any driveway or parking lot. I LOVE MY SRT6.

    • James Sumner says

      Absolutely agree Ken , The SRT looks fabulous and its quirks and faults will be what makes it collectable, i love mine but trying to keep it running as it should might prove to be a problem here in Australia so i use mine sparingly

  57. Mike Moneypenny says

    I purchased my 2004 Crossfire brand new in April of 2005. At the time, I had 3 other “Sports Cars”, a 90 Miata, 1969 390 AMX, and a 96 Viper GTS. I found the Crossfire to be such an entertaining ride I never drove the Viper or the Miata again, and the AMX only once 2 years ago. The 6 speed Fire’s are nearly a half a second quicker in the 1/4 mile than the Automatic’s, by no means as fast as many “new” cars today, but on par with most muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s, and that’s just fine by me. As other’s have mentioned, the car handles incredibly, and even without rack-n-pinion steering, it still goes thru a slalom faster than the 04 Ford GT (according to Road & Track magazine). Personally I love the styling of the coupe, but for those who have issue’s with the hoods design, it’s not something that can’t be modified. Living in Ohio, I only drive my car from April to October, and for the last 14 years it’s been nothing but fun, and the best bargain I’ve ever had.

  58. I absolutely love Eric Stoddard’s artistic lines of the hood/bonnet. For those that aren’t a fan, I’ve seen some sensational CF replacements. Don’t let one part ruin your love and fun of these “get me out of the garage” autos. As far as the SRT “whale tail” spoiler … it mirrors and compliments the hood/bonnet lines.

  59. Have an immaculate SRT6 Black Roadster with only 65000 kilometers. I want to purchase a new replacement soft top

    Can anyone recommend a supplier nothing available here in OZ .

    Wiltshire in Adelaide have quoted a massive $ 5,200 allowing 15 hours to fit

    Bas in the uk supply for around $ 1200 au are they any good fitting should be 5-7 hours max would appreciate any comments and yes i know when i am being ripped .

    • I’m in the UK and had my top fitted by BAS. I’m VERY pleased with the end result and my Crossfire friends love it too!
      BAS offer group discount buys to owners in the USA every so often – Maybe you can get one organised for Crossfire owners in AU?

  60. We have 2 – 2004 Coupe and 2007 Roadster. My husband and I have the most fun driving these beautiful cars and are always asked by people “What is it?”. Here in the UK there are around 3000 across all years and models – we think there are only 60 SRT’s left here. So yes I would say we now own modern classics! I’m not parting with mine any time soon……………..

  61. I really was not looking for a Crossfire when I got mine (2004 6spd coupe) . . . I am a muscle car fan and had sold a car the previous year (2005) . . . went to a car show on Vancouver Island and was driving through Naniamo to get to the car show – passed the dealership and there was my car, up on a pedestal with 1/2″ of dirt all over it !!! This was Sept. 2006 !! . . . So, Saturday morning I decided to skip the car show and go see the car . . . I knew more about it than the salesman !!! . . . . so I told him to go get the manager (as we all know that is what he was going to say he needed to do), as I have a ONE price offer, taxes all in and either they take it or leave it . . . . well, they took it and I had a brand new (although almost 3 model years old now) Crossfire !!! . . . . 2004 was only year that they got an auto dimming rearview mirror ! . . . anyhow, fast forward to today, and my car has 36,900km on it !! I have driven it to car show in Los Angeles, driven it on Willow Springs race track (YAHOO!!), and carshows in pacific northwest ! I would say the km’s are mostly highway. Great MPG (35mpg – Imp gallon) !! Comfy (I am a bigger guy, 6’/230#) and always get asked what it is . . . While the car was relatively new, I changed the seats and door panels, for the Cedar color ones . . . love that color. Also, the fuel relay issue, is really a poor solder joint on the board . . . can easily fix that yourself for no money !!! . . . the Forum has been very great !!! I also fixed the heated seat issue, with the kit from Chrysler ($99 at time I did it) . . .I did a write up on the forum about that . . . .The car is a R170 SLK320, drivetrain, suspension, AND the interior (dash, dash controls, etc) . . . so you can always find parts when looking under Mercedes . . . .cheaper than Chrysler !! I was so happy with the Crossfire, that I went out and found it’s BIG BROTHER – Mercedes SLK55 AMG !!! . . .brings the smiles to a WHOLE NEW level !!! A V8 with great exhaust note, paddle shifted 7 speed automatic, and finally rack and pinion steering !!! . . . . course having a hardtop convertible is nice too !!! . . .

    Pretty sure that the main issue at time of Daimler-Chrysler, is that Daimler was trying to transform Chrysler into a European style company . . . mainy layers of management, decisions by commitee, etc . . . so, the cars kinda got caught in middle – no real marketing, AND, most north americans were NOT going to spend $45 – $50k for “A CHRYSLER” !!! The Pacifica is another example ! That launched the ML series for Benz ! . . .

    Anyhow, go out and enjoy your car(s) . . .

  62. Deborah Lacerenza says

    We keep a black Xfire 6sp convertible in our garage as a second car and drive it a few hundred miles a year. The chip fell out of the key fob and a key Smith wanted to buy the car and offered me $25,000. I understand only a few hundred black ones where produced and the vakue is sky rocketing. Is $25,000 a fair offer?

  63. Deborah, Unless you’re flush with cash take the $25,000 and buy another for $5-10,000. But I drive mine and enjoy it not more a few thousand miles a year but still she gets around…

    • Deborah Lacerenza says

      Only a few thousand convertible where built and due to airbags going off in minor collisions and ruining the electric systems the insurance companies total them. Out of the four thousand convertibles produced only a hand full are still on the road. I disabled the airbags on my convertible. My car is in showroom condition and I doubt I will find another for $10,000. My daily driver is a custom painted Sapphire Metallic blue Mercedes convertible and keep the Cross fire in the garage as a spare car.

  64. Tony Ficara says

    I’ve had my 2005 red convertible 6 speed since 2009. 24000 miles on it. Replace two rims because of the pot holes, and just had to have the glass reglued to the convertible top. Other than that no issues at all with the car.
    Someday will be my retirement beach car

  65. There are only a few SRT coupes here in Perth , so they certainly stand out .
    I installed a few Needswings parts and 368 hp at wheels makes it great fun to drive . .
    Certainly beautiful looking unique cars . . .

  66. Deborah Lacerenza says

    Only a few thousand convertible where built and due to airbags going off in minor collisions and ruining the electric systems the insurance companies total them. Out of the four thousand convertibles produced only a hand full are still on the road. I disabled the airbags on my convertible

    • Does disabling the airbags cause a maintenance code that makes it dificult to pass inspection? Do you have to turn them on for inspections?

  67. I like rare cars as they are not like all others on the road. Currently, driving a Saab 9-3T, but looking for a summer car. Seems like the search is over now. Nothing beats the value and the style of a Crossfire. And it has a manual 6-speed! Will drive for 10 hours to check one out and buy it, hopefully. Looks like this car is a hidden gem and not many people know about it.

  68. I am looking to acquire a key for my 2006 CF. It is the roadster model. Any suggestions!

  69. Thomas Wade says

    .I have a dark red 2005 crossfire roadster with 28,600 miles on it . Car lives in Florida so no snow salt or the like exposure. This is central Fl. Forty miles nw of Orlando up near Ocala. I will entertain serious offers on the car.

  70. Deborah Lacerenza says

    It is a black convertible one just went for $35,000 at auction

  71. Randy Fine says

    At Barrett Jackson? That’s good news, I only paid 12 for the black coupe with 20k miles

    • Deborah Lacerenza says

      Yep—at Barret Jackson for over $30 grand. It looked like it was Sapphire Blue metallic. I read somewhere there are less than a few hundred still on the road, thousands less than other high priced collectibles. The reason being in fender benders the airbags go off and fry the electronics. I drive mine less than a few thousand miles a year and have disabled the air bags by pulling fuses.

      • thomas willson says

        Better hurry I have an 07 black convertible 420 made but rare does not mean valuable worth $6-9000 I just saw the Auction there’s one born everyday no way even if it had 100 miles on it is it even close to being worth that much money. In car biz 45 yrs and beling to every crossfire club internationally.

  72. Frank Mytfast says

    I have a 2005 Crossfire SRT Conv.350 HP supercharged V6 that now in 2020 has 15,000 miles on it. I love this car with it’s gun metal gray exterior and suede interior. I also have a 2004 retro T-Bird, 280 HP V8 with burgundy exterior & off white top & leather interior . The T-Bird is also a summer driver that now in 2020 has 11,000 miles on it & a removable porthole windowed removable hdtp.

    Both of these cars get an incredible amount of attention wherever I go since they are rarely seen. When I’m at a stop light I often have people ask me who makes a Crossfire, since that’s the only name on the car except for the Chrysler emblem in the front of the hood. I strongly disagree with the articles opinion about the larger fixed rear spoiler, since on the convertible, it provides a wide muscular rear stance that is reminiscent if the late 60s – early 70s Plymouth Barracuda “Cuda” . This car is extremely quick & handles like a Mercedes supercharged AMG engine should when delivering those 350 HP since nearly maximum HP is developed early, around 3000 rpm & maintains it throughout the RPM range. Maximum speed is listed at 155 MPH ( electronically regulated) with a number of documented 190 MPH or better actually reported.

  73. Deborah Lacerenza says

    Hang onto the Crossfire..since it is supercharged it will sky rocket up in value. From what I understand there are less than a few hundred X Fire convertibles still on the road. with the reason airbags going off in min fender benders with the powder frying the electrical system. There are less Crossfires on the road than most of the classic cars. I disabled my airbags and just wear my seat belts. Convertibles are going at classic car auctions in the mid $30/s and in a few short years will be selling for close to $100,000.

  74. Deborah Lacerenza says

    Yes it sold at Barret Jackson…you better pamper your crossfire convertibles.When Germany bought Chrysler they designed and produced Crossfires and after getting Chryslers’ computer data allowing them to design new cars in less than a month or so, they dumped Chrysler and no longer produced the car. From what I understand they produced less than a few thousand convertibles in total. Between crashes, kids blowing up engines and scraped high mileage worn out Crossfires there are only a few hundred convertibles still on the road

  75. wallace wyss says

    Did anyone check with FCA if they have an updated airbag, or module that only sets off the airbag in a bigger collision?

    If FCA won’t help, maybe .it’s time to disable the crappy airbag… and remove the bulb from the light that will come on……. But trouble is you have to be able make any action you take reversible for inspection time…… don’t cut any wires…

  76. robert c nettle says

    Anybody selling a SRT6 roadster?

  77. Thomas Wade says

    I have owned my 2005 crossfire cv since 2016 . It currently has 28800 miles on it. I have solved most of the problems by putting a new roof with a sewn in window new tires and new brake pads which are ceramic and don’t
    spew dust all over the wheels. The hydraulic switches in the top mechanism leaked initially and the repair was done by a chrysler dealer along with a rebuilt master cylinder. The dealer tried to maximize his profit on everything he touched and I will never go there again. Since all of these problems were corrected the car has been dynamite to drive and totally dependable. Most of the problems stemmed from a lack of use as the car only averaged 2000 miles per year and sat most of the time in the original owners garage. Oh and I also installed a new battery. I am an 83 year old “car guy” and I must say this is a really nice car. I have had many fast cars among them some Mustang gt’s. This car can stand up to all of them and requires no apologies. Incidentally speaking about the rarity especially in the convertible form I think most of the cv’s ended up in the retirement community where I live (the villages fl.

  78. Lots of love for this (uk) mini muscle car. But i do not understand people not driving and enjoying their Crossfires? Parts are cheap if you go to Mercedes and even with the most basic of skills service it and maintain it yourself. Whats the point of having a “garage queen”? My coupe has 112k on the clock and is driven hard and fast. But apart from some stone chips and the odd scruff its immaculate. Get out there and drive them for heavens sake! Enjoy these lovely fast classics.

    • Naaa, I think I will pass and keep my car in a garage and watch the value increase faster than being in a bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • More too life than money mate. I love driving my coupe and working on it myself. In ten years time yours will not be worth that more and you will have missed out on real ownership. What a waste of a lovely car. Parts will seize, the engine will never run as well. Total false idealogy.

  79. Robert j Rauscher says

    Inherited this 2007 Limited Roaster from my mom in 2017. I knew it was not driven much but to my surprise it only had 2480 miles on it. I now have it up to 4600! I am a Muscle Car/Corvette guy but I get approached all the time about this car.

    It is a blast to drive. I put on a Magna Flow high performance exhaust and Corvette sticky tires. It is very quick and now drives like it is on rails. Sounds wonderful.

    I saw some recommending disabling the air bags. Certainly don’t want a fender bender to total my car.

    Additional thoughts?

  80. Robert j Rauscher says

    Here is another pic with my 1970 Corvette.

    Two fun cars!

  81. I have a 2004 Crossfire, automatic, one owner. 95,775 miles as I drove it daily until 2010. has always been garaged.
    Sapphire Silver Blue Metallic. I had neck and back surgery so it is difficult for me to drive. s
    Still love driving it once a week. Would like to sell. Please make an offer. thanks!

  82. another picture of my Crossfire that did not attach to my post yesterday.

  83. Karl Borden says

    I’m afraid there is mostly bad news about keys for the Crossfire. Chrysler doesn’t make them any more, and Mercedes did for a while but as of several months ago says they too don’t make them. Mercedes had subcontracted with a company to make them, but there was apparently some argument between Chrysler and Mercedes about the issue and we were unable to get anyone to produce a spare. We thought we had lost our spare but thankfully found it — but for lack of a key the entire car becomes worthless.

    If you’re buying a used Crossfire, be SURE to ask the owner if he has the spare key. You most likely will never be able to replace the original.

    • Charles Raymond says

      Strange…just had a key smith redo ours

      • Karl Borden says

        Have you tried it in the ignition? The keys that locksmiths can make generally work on the doors, but not in the ignition.

    • Randy Fine says

      While we are on the subject of keys. I did receive 2 keys when I bought my car and one works fine but the other one needs to be re-programmed. I was given these instructions but they didn’t work

      1. Insert the key into the ignition switch.

      2. Press either the lock or unlock button momentarily twice.

      Turn the key in the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position within 30 seconds.


      Thanks in advance for your time.

  84. Karl Borden says

    My wife bought her red Crossfire limited coupe in 2006 – when Chrysler/Cerberus was doing about anything to offload all of the Chrysler inventory they had inherited when they bought the company. She now has about 220,000 miles on it, absolutely loves her car, and it drives like new.

    We liked it so much and it was such a great deal that I went out and bought another one – a convertible limited roadster (canary yellow with a black top). That one I put aside in storage for later use, and it’s still there with only 35 miles on it.

    Because Cerberus was trying to recoup their capital by selling off the old inventory, they put a “lifetime drivetrain warrantee” on the vehicles. My wife’s warrantee is still in effect of course, but when I bought the second car I got a little smarter and asked “Whose lifetime?” I was told “Whoever’s name is on the original title.” OK — I titled the second car in two names, my wife and my five-year-old grandson. He is now 18, and some day will probably be the last surviving Crossfire owner with a still-in-force lifetime warrantee (assuming Chrysler itself survives, of course). Modern Chrysler tries its best to invalidate these guarantees by requiring a dealer inspection every 5 years and giving you only a 30-day window for the inspection, but I’ve religiously taken it in to keep the warrantee in force.

    Last year we found a beautiful black ’06 coupe for sale in Omaha – identical to my wife’s red coupe. It had only 16,000 miles on it and the dealer sold it to us for $8,000. Perfect condition. So we now have three Crossfires. She drives the “new” black one in summer and trades it out in the winter for the original red one. She is in love with her Crossfires!

    • My experience with lifetime warranties doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to fix anything that is wrong regardless of the cost. The limiting factor is usually the book value on a vehicle, which gets to a standard of $500 or less after most cars reach the 10 year old mark & a licensed dealer can usually their “appraisal skills” to validate their $500 or less amount. Most dealers will routinely charge $300 – $500 just for the service called for at 20,000 miles, so once they evaluate the car & everything it needs, your gonna pay up at the dealer’s cost for any parts!! So much for the lifetime warranty! You’ll notice the Dealers valuation doesn’t require them to consider the cars collectability and neither does the insurance companies unless you have paid for specific “agreed value” insurance, which the dealer isn’t going to consider under a lifetime warranty.

  85. nathan sochia says

    can anyone tell me is it possible even if its not recommended, to put 18″ wheels on the back of the 04 crossfire? mind you this would only be for the winter and I would most likely need spacers.

  86. kevin Johnson says

    I have to say I am on my 2nd crossfire. The 1st one was red and was slowly getting beat up by road debris on the road. I ended trading it for a 2006 mustang which is fine, then a corvette which was fine, then a 99′ z28 with the ls1, who hoo. Not that big of deal when your in it unless you floor wide open throttle all the time. those other cars are fine but I ended up with another 2004 crossfire 9k miles stick shift. Its like new looks new drives new, get a lot of attention more than those pony cars, not as fast, but more grins mile per hour then the other v8 cars. And by the way, having rack and pinion steering , on previous cars, I don’t notice a difference on this short based little car. Is fun and its my inexpensive Mercedes Porsche 356 in my mind.

  87. Mark Brashears says

    There is a lot of bang for the buck in a Crossfire. You can find them in pretty good condition for around $6000.00. They are a bit quirky, and you tend to have a love hate relationship with them. The SRT 6 models will be collectible one day, as there were so few produced. There is quite a following for these cars, and if you buy one, i strongly suggest you look up the Crossfire forum. It is a group of owners that share maintenance and repair issues, and I have found it to be a lifesaver.

  88. ingo pflaumer says

    Looked 18 month for mine 2005 coupe had to spend some money to make it PERFECT .Super happy love it 78000
    i am 79 years young still working new TOY

  89. Purchased mine in April this year, a black manual coupe which is so much fun to drive. In Australia they are of course RHD which is how cars should be!! Currently having trouble diagnosing airbag light staying on, if anyone out there has any tips my mechanic would be glad to hear your thoughts

    • David Zahner says

      There has been a recall on them for a couple years I had mine replaced it’s free at the dealership. Just take it in.

  90. There have been posts saying that a known problem of the CC is that the passenger airbag will deploy at lower impact than should be, and that when it deploys it ruins a great deal of the circuitry, such that many owners will pull the circuit breaker for that airbag. So the light on may just indicate the fuse has been removed. If you commonly drive without a passenger maybe the solution is a piece of black tape over the light.

  91. Robert Rauscher says

    I have pulled both Airbag fuses for the reason you state. No air bag warning lights came on.

  92. David Zahner says

    I still love driving mine it has 48 000 miles drives like a Cady and fun as hell

  93. I have a 2006 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster purchased new off the lot in mint condition with 35,000 original miles. Oyster Gold with black leather interior kept covered in a conditioned garage sitting on carpet. Heading for retirement and we just don’t drive her, would love to see someone purchase and enjoy! Asking $25,000, contact me if interested.

  94. Surprised about some comments about the SRT Spoiler looking dumb or 60s ish instead of the retractable small spoiler. I have the 2005 srt convertible and I bought it because of the power (actually 350 HP) since it’s the same AMG engine offered in the SLK stated as 349.5 HP. The fixed spoiler gives an awesome bold looking rear stance that was reminiscent of the late 60’s MOPARS like the Plymouth Barracuda. That cheap looking thin piece of tin retractable spoiler did nothing but cheapen the Crossfires rear stance appearance & was often operationally problematic, creating a source of battery drain. The srt crossfire conv gets all kinds of attention both on the road & at car shows & with only slightly over 1,000 made, it’s resale value is really good. Mine has 15,000 miles on it & all crossfire automatics are 5 speed with a paddle shifter. .

    Note, I also have a retro 2004 Ford Tbird convertible 280 HP Jaguar v8 with removable port hole windowed hardtop. Nice deep maroon exterior with off white interior & off white conv top. Another really nice attention grabbing car that is fully equipped & a comfortable (only summer) riding driver. I love owning & diving both limited production cars!

  95. Edward kearle says

    AMG detuned the engines for the crossfire becauase they wanted their cars to have an edge on the chrysler and while the whale tails prolly worked better than the standard retractable they kinda looked over done on most things even the porches they were originally designed for.

  96. BILL ANDREOLI says


    • Hi Bill
      Where do you live? I am in Toronto Canada and I have a 2004 LTD coupe with 47000 kms (29,500 miles) Manual trans black with black interior. I am looking at selling it as my wife wants a corvette. Carfax is clean, no accidents and it has been stored every winter. let me know if you’re interested.

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