My Car Quest

December 9, 2023

This Is My Favorite Ghia 450SS

by Mike Gulett - I suspect that many of you have never seen a Ghia 450SS in person because they are so rare. What does it mean for me to say that this is the best one that I have seen when I have only seen three or four in … [Read more...]

Lime Rock Concours – September 2023

by Bob Wachtel - On Sunday September 3 I attended the Lime Rock Concours event that I registered for over a month ago and was accepted to enter. I drove my silver 1999 Dodge Viper GTS coupe there, which is only about 30-40 minute away from my … [Read more...]

My 1957 Chrysler 300C Supercharged Coupe

Another one that got away, with regrets. by Bob Wachtel - Around 1962 or 1963 I came across an ad in the automobile classified section of the Sunday NY Times. It was a supercharged 1957 Chrysler 300C in metallic bronze. I believe the owner, … [Read more...]

Chrysler’s Anti-Cobra: The Ghia 450SS

From the My Car Quest Way Back Machine - December 2016... by Wallace Wyss - Well, on paper the Ghia 450SS was the same idea—you take a shop over in Europe and you ship them an American V8 engine and transmission and stuff it into a chassis … [Read more...]

The New Chrysler Airflow

If Chrysler (er, Stellantis) can get the Airflow into production soon, they have a winner. by Wallace Wyss -  Back in 1934, Chrysler became the first American automaker to incorporate improved aerodynamics into a car, ie. letting aero rule over … [Read more...]

Editorial: US Car Companies Miss An Opportunity

I know we have written about this subject recently but it is frustrating that there are no US car companies trying to compete with Rolls Royce. Is the ultra luxury car market really that uninteresting? - Mike Gulett, Editor by Wallace Wyss - … [Read more...]