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January 17, 2022

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Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip

Are you planning for your road trip? There are many things to prepare for, such as choosing where you will be going, planning activities, and booking hotels. However, one thing you shouldn’t forget is getting your vehicle ready for the road trip. You … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Mercedes Vision EQXX Electric Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Mercedes is taking Tesla seriously now as a worthy adversary, though Mercedes has been around at least 100 years longer. Their latest show car has many innovations that go beyond their present electric sedan but could be … [Read more...]

GM Could Have Been The World Leader In Electric Car Technology

The 1966 GM Electrovair II Electric Car could have led GM to world leadership in electric vehicles today, instead... by Mike Gulett I know in 1966 no one was really thinking seriously about electric cars but yet General Motors designed and … [Read more...]

Detroit’s Only Course to Fight Tesla: The Chewing Off the Leg Gambit

by Wallace Wyss - There is a dynamic duo of Tesla super fans that's on YouTube with a show called Tesla Time News. They've posted hundreds of videos analyzing Tesla's growth. I don't know what stock price they got into Tesla with but suffice to … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Times They Are A-Changin’….

by Wallace Wyss - It is the title to a Bob Dylan song but I never thought those words would be so true as now vis-a-vis the automobile. For years our American automakers would plod along at a snail's pace; Ford adding a hood scoop here, … [Read more...]

The New Ferrari Daytona SP3 Icona

And the band plays on.... by Wallace Wyss - The announcement by Ferrari that they were introducing a new model that will be V12 powered, cruise at 200 mph and cost $2,025,000 came as a surprise in that I thought all the automakers were … [Read more...]