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July 28, 2021

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New Drive: 2022 Volkswagen ID.4

Who better to write it than a guy who's cool to electrics? by Wallace Wyss - Volkswagen is the brand that once scored big in America with the Beetle when American cars were huge, clunky and inefficient. You always wonder when are they gonna … [Read more...]

Editorial: One Truth About Electric Cars

by Wallace Wyss - I have a radio show where I talk about cars, begrudgingly, (because my favorite cars are internal combustion) in recent years I tried hybrid cars and had two exciting ones to drive, a Lexus LC500h and a Mercedes E53 … [Read more...]

Key Electric Car Maintenance and Repair Tips

Continuous technological advancements have seen the auto industry introduce electric cars in the market. Globally, 2.1 million electric vehicles were sold in 2019, recording a 40% increase in sales made in 2018. That is an indication that more people … [Read more...]

The Swan Song of Pistons for Lotus: The Lotus Emira

by Wallace Wyss - Egad, Lotus brings out a car and it's not a hybrid? Not to worry, there might be a hybrid later on and even an all electric by 2025. That one in 2025 will be by the way an electric sports car, built in co-operation with … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Need for a Corvette Hybrid

General Motors: Do it for America... by Wallace Wyss - I don't fly waving flags on my car but am eager to see American firms come up with a winner against some of those overly-vaunted oh-so-sophisticated Furrin' adversaries. After just … [Read more...]

The Malibu Cars and Coffee Continues, Sort Of

Come for the McLarens and Porsches, stay for the Ferraris and Jaguars. Text and photos by Richard Bartholomew - After skipping the weekly trek that I had been doing for several months due to a foot injury your faithful exotic car … [Read more...]