My Car Quest

January 27, 2021

Design Critique of a Classic: The Bizzarrini GT5300 Strada

The author tells me he used to think "What good are Bob Cumberford's design critiques on cars made decades ago if it's too late for the automaker to change the design?" Then he had an epiphany of sorts and realized that people want to read what made … [Read more...]

Malibu Trends: Station Wagons

I am sensing a trend toward station wagons in collector cars as well as new cars. In the collector car world we have seen an increased interest in pick-up trucks and we may be seeing a move toward a stronger interest in station wagons (or shooting … [Read more...]

An Exhibition: Car Design in Detroit – 1950–2020

by Mike Gulett - Detroit was once the center for American car design and has a lot to be proud of as a leader in the automotive world. Some of that American car design mojo has relocated to Southern California but Detroit's history is … [Read more...]

Design Commentary: Proposing the Next Generation Corvette (like 2023)

And why it's needed... by Wallace Wyss - OK the new Corvette is, admittedly, a tour de force. After 60 yrs of promising it they finally went mid-engine. Now they have a world class car to combat the European claims of superior handling, speed, … [Read more...]

Lucid Air: Pitching to the Right Audience

by Wallace Wyss - There is no more perfect audience for the products of a new car company, called Lucid Motors, than Malibu. That's because the cheapest house is one million dollars going up to $150,000,000. People there like to show off … [Read more...]

The Renault Alpine A110

by Wallace Wyss - Renault has brought back the Renault Alpine A110, a two seat coupe similar to the Porsche Cayman and Audi TT. Its chief plus is the light weight. Would you believe 1,100kg (depending on the version chosen). That's only 3/4 the … [Read more...]