My Car Quest

April 18, 2024

Design Critique: Genesis X Convertible Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Genesis recently showed the latest version of their Genesis convertible concept. I view this as a welcome addition to their line -- an almost true luxury car. It seems by design cue to be almost Bentley-like and I predict it … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Chrysler Halcyon Coupe Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Stellantis surprised me. They recently came up with a prototype that seems more Tesla than Stellantis in the cleanliness of the shape with few distracting trim items. Surprisingly it isn’t an SUV or even a minivan but a modern … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Mazda Concept Car

by Wallace Wyss - Last year Mazda revealed a new concept car called the Mazda Iconic SP that seems mostly to promote the plan to bring back the rotary engine but this time not driving the wheels but only to power an electric motor. It wouldn't … [Read more...]

The Iso Grifo – A Design Analysis

From deep in the My Car Quest Wayback Machine comes this design analysis from October 2014 of one of my favorite cars, the Iso Grifo. The author, Raffi Minasian, is a widely published automobile designer, illustrator, writer, historian, and Pebble … [Read more...]

Lost Dream Cars: 1993 Aston Martin Lagonda

by Wallace Wyss - Old dream cars have a short shelf life once they fail to get green-lighted for production. They are sometimes crushed, sometimes sent to museums and sometimes sold. Why sold so little? Because they are made for management to … [Read more...]

2025 Karma Kaveya Design Analysis

The Karma Kaveya sets a new standard for EV sports car design. by Wallace Wyss - It may seem befuddling for those waiting for U.S. EV makers to come up with affordable cars under $25,000 but a tiny electric car maker has announced a sports … [Read more...]