My Car Quest

February 23, 2024

Opinion: Are Self-Driving Cars Moving Too Fast?

by Mike Gulett - Are we moving too fast with this new technology for self-driving cars? Should the self-driving car companies be allowed to experiment with the lives and safety of uninvolved people? The California DMV allowed a few car … [Read more...]

Book Review: Developing Chevrolet Pony Car Camaro Concept Cars

Review by Wallace Wyss - Title: Developing Chevrolet Pony Car Camaro Concept Cars Author: Scott Kolecki Publisher: Car Tech Pages: 176 Binding: Soft cover Books on concept cars are the new new thing. True, in the past, car … [Read more...]

Editorial: Tesla vs Detroit

Tesla Wins Another Round. by Wallace Wyss - This battle never was of forces evenly matched. Tesla started out almost in somebody's garage like Apple, but they always had a different mission--to electrify the automobile industry. Detroit … [Read more...]

The 1961 Mako Shark I Concept Car: My Memorable Ride…

Reaching into the My Car Quest Wayback Machine I came up with this interesting story from March 2018. I hope you all enjoy it again, or for the first time. Mike Gulett, Editor. by Wallace Wyss - Back in the day, the early 60s, I was a … [Read more...]

The Pontiac Firebird Type K

by Mike Gulett - I have a fondness for the station wagon (or shooting brake or estate car as the British call them) every since I was a kid and spent a lot of time in my parents '64 Mercury Colony Park station wagon. Many really cool concept … [Read more...]

A New Breed of Automobile Manufacturer is On the Way

by Mike Gulett - The transition of the automobile industry to electric vehicles creates the opportunity for new players to get into the automobile business. This includes start up companies but also established companies with no experience in … [Read more...]