My Car Quest

May 27, 2022

Marketing: Tesla – No TV Commercials, No Print Ads – But For How Long?

by Wallace Wyss - At the risk of invalidating the first few years of my professional life—where I was an ad copywriter in Detroit--I have come to wonder if automakers advertising their cars on TV or in print is at all useful. I began to … [Read more...]

Editorial: Manufacturing Insourcing – Words Detroit Has to Learn

by Wallace Wyss - In attempting to discover how Tesla came out of nowhere and became the world's largest EV maker, I discovered the magic word is something like "Insource". My definition--you get what you need from what you already have. During … [Read more...]

Ford: An American Contender Reluctantly Enters the EV Arena

Editors Note: This article is preparation by contributor Wallace Wyss for a book tentatively entitled How Tesla Killed Detroit. Reader comments are welcomed. Mike Gulett by Wallace Wyss - There are a lot of parallels between the first … [Read more...]

Editorial: Marketing – Does Lack of Models Hurt Tesla?

by Wallace Wyss - At first I puzzled why does Tesla, the world's most successful electric car brand, have so few models? And all the production ones look sorta/kinda the same. Oh, they've showed various prototypes like for the pickup truck … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Tesla Struggle in Germany

by Wallace Wyss - In November 2019 Elon Musk announced what amounted to a coup if it worked--Tesla would build its latest electric car plant in Germany, the heart of European auto manufacturing, and home to Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and VW. I think … [Read more...]

Media: A YouTube Education on Electric Cars

by Wallace Wyss - In the last few months, I've watched enough YouTube episodes to qualify for a college degree (yes, way back in the dim reaches of time, I earned a college degree for logging in 100-plus hours in the classroom). My … [Read more...]