My Car Quest

February 6, 2023

Editorial: Self Driving – Tesla and Elon Musk in the Crosshairs

by Wallace Wyss - We all have that that stubborn uncle/dad/brother who has some obsession and no matter how much you try to steer them back on course they want to stick to their original idea. So it is with Elon Musk. What makes it different … [Read more...]

Marketing: Tesla – No TV Commercials, No Print Ads – But For How Long?

by Wallace Wyss - At the risk of invalidating the first few years of my professional life—where I was an ad copywriter in Detroit--I have come to wonder if automakers advertising their cars on TV or in print is at all useful. I began to … [Read more...]

Editorial: Manufacturing Insourcing – Words Detroit Has to Learn

by Wallace Wyss - In attempting to discover how Tesla came out of nowhere and became the world's largest EV maker, I discovered the magic word is something like "Insource". My definition--you get what you need from what you already have. During … [Read more...]

Ford: An American Contender Reluctantly Enters the EV Arena

Editors Note: This article is preparation by contributor Wallace Wyss for a book tentatively entitled How Tesla Killed Detroit. Reader comments are welcomed. Mike Gulett by Wallace Wyss - There are a lot of parallels between the first … [Read more...]

Editorial: Marketing – Does Lack of Models Hurt Tesla?

by Wallace Wyss - At first I puzzled why does Tesla, the world's most successful electric car brand, have so few models? And all the production ones look sorta/kinda the same. Oh, they've showed various prototypes like for the pickup truck … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Tesla Struggle in Germany

by Wallace Wyss - In November 2019 Elon Musk announced what amounted to a coup if it worked--Tesla would build its latest electric car plant in Germany, the heart of European auto manufacturing, and home to Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and VW. I think … [Read more...]