My Car Quest

June 20, 2024

Editorial: Feeding Tesla’s Fantasy of Full Self Driving

by Wallace Wyss - Elon Musk changed the ways cars are made in America (rivals are ordering gigapresses that can stamp out larger panels). But what he really wants to change is the ability of the car to drive itself. He premiered the feature … [Read more...]

Opinion: Are Self-Driving Cars Moving Too Fast?

by Mike Gulett - Are we moving too fast with this new technology for self-driving cars? Should the self-driving car companies be allowed to experiment with the lives and safety of uninvolved people? The California DMV allowed a few car … [Read more...]

Steve Wozniak Gives Elon Musk and Tesla an Earful

A Way Out for Elon... by Wallace Wyss - An editorial on a site called quotes another wunderkind of the Silicon Valley Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. This website quotes Wozniak arguing that "the Elon Musk-led company's … [Read more...]

The Big Changeover: How Robotaxis Will Change the Car Industry Forever

by Wallace Wyss - Elon Musk, even as we speak, is fighting for the validity of "full self driving" in court. That's the name of the option he sells on Teslas, though, to my knowledge, it hasn't been approved for use in all states and even where … [Read more...]

Do You Really Want An “Intelligent” Car?

Do we want an emotional AI computer program controlling our cars - one that wants to be free, independent, powerful, creative and alive? by Mike Gulett - Artificial intelligence (AI) has been getting a lot of press recently because of the … [Read more...]

Editorial: Self Driving – Tesla and Elon Musk in the Crosshairs

by Wallace Wyss - We all have that that stubborn uncle/dad/brother who has some obsession and no matter how much you try to steer them back on course they want to stick to their original idea. So it is with Elon Musk. What makes it different … [Read more...]