My Car Quest

September 24, 2022

Self-Driving Cars And Smart Highways Are The Future Of Road Safety

Over 90% of serious automobile crashes are caused by human error, mistakes made by drivers when they're distracted by a text message, driving too fast, or otherwise behaving recklessly behind the wheel of a car. With the advancement and greater use … [Read more...]

Driverless Race Cars – The Indy Autonomous Challenge

by Mike Gulett - Racing has been an instrument for advancing automobile technology from the beginning of the automobile. This trend will continue into the new world of self-driven autonomous automobiles and electric cars. In my article series … [Read more...]

Musk vs. Bezos – The Battle of the Titans Shapes Up For Electric Vehicles

by Wallace Wyss - Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos certainly are larger than life titans of industry with both working and leading in more arenas than just electric vehicles. Today we focus on electric driverless vehicles. Elon Musk We should not … [Read more...]