My Car Quest

February 6, 2023

The Politics of Cold Weather and Electric Vehicles

by Wallace Wyss - I am watching the TV commercials showing electric trucks powering through Colorado or Idaho, snow no problem. But then I go to this YouTube series called Now you Know, admittedly 100% Tesla fans, but on this episode they bought … [Read more...]

Editorial: Self Driving – Tesla and Elon Musk in the Crosshairs

by Wallace Wyss - We all have that that stubborn uncle/dad/brother who has some obsession and no matter how much you try to steer them back on course they want to stick to their original idea. So it is with Elon Musk. What makes it different … [Read more...]

Problems For Both Ferrari and Tesla

by Mike Gulett - There is bad news for both Ferrari and Tesla this week although the bad news is different for each. Ferrari Recall Ferrari notified the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of a recall and (NHTSA) has … [Read more...]

When the Bloom Comes Off the Electric Vehicle Rose

by Wallace Wyss - In the beginning, it all sounded so wonderful. Blue skies, Green grass, Flowers blooming. Those bad old stinky ICE cars hustled off the the junkyard. So the ecologists sold us what could be a bill of goods. Several automakers … [Read more...]

Editorial: Capitalism At Its Best – Ford vs Tesla

by Wallace Wyss - It is to laugh. Here's Ford, desperate to catch up to Tesla in producing electric vehicles, trolling Tesla saying something to the effect of "Oh, and if your Tesla stops because it's out of juice, don't worry--our Ford F-150 … [Read more...]

Should I Use Ceramic Coating for My Tesla?

When it comes to prized possessions, most Tesla owners probably love their cars as most people dote on children or pets. Ask any Tesla owner, and they will likely swear that they would do anything to make sure their vehicle is protected and able to … [Read more...]