My Car Quest

February 27, 2024

Pondering the Folly of Flippery of the Annual Model Change

A matter of philosophy. by Wallace Wyss - In pondering the (sales) success of Tesla (Never no mind the inexplicable down-in-the-dumps stock price) I always come back to one of its core secrets that is so obvious you wonder how can the rest … [Read more...]

Automobile Factory Art

Yes, it still exists, but it's disappearing fast. by Wallace Wyss - "Factory art" by my definition, is artwork on a new car that might have been used in the prototype stage but often is just done to hype a new model. Being an artist … [Read more...]

Editorial: Planned Obsolescence – Trying to Break Free

by Wallace Wyss - Maybe it was because I was born in the '40s and first became aware of cars in the '60s. This was the Glory Days of GM when they had over 50% of the US auto market and Japanese cars weren't here yet. I yearned to go to … [Read more...]

The Triumph of A Minimalist Designer: Franz von Holzhausen

by Wallace Wyss - One thing I relish in my role as automotive reporter is meeting car designers. Rarely have I met one coming closest to his dream than tall quiet Franz von Holzhausen. He is the son of a designer so he grew up with dad's … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Tesla Roadster, er, Targa Coupe

Short on exotic looks but strong on performance... by Wallace Wyss - It is rare in this writer's experience to write a design critique of a car that was announced several years ago, been redesigned and is still not in the showrooms. … [Read more...]

New Product: Tesla Cybertruck

At last the wooden doorstop inspires a car company…. by Wallace Wyss - Tesla CEO Elon Musk prides himself on being ahead of the curve. I think he’s not the first to announce an electric pickup truck (Rivian showed one last year at the LA … [Read more...]