My Car Quest

June 12, 2021

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Editorial: The Ogle Factor (Cool Cars That Is)

by Wallace Wyss - OK I'll admit it. I like people to look at my car. Not just look at it but ogle it, lust after it; feast their eyes. Not the Plain Jane Nissan I drive everyday, but when I have a special car. And I've owned a few--a Ferrari … [Read more...]

Design: The 2020 Corvette

Can I take it all back? by Wallace Wyss - It seems inconceivable I'd have an about-face on the new 2020 Corvette after only a year or two but, hey, seeing them out on the road is not the same as going by pictures. First of all I've seen … [Read more...]

The Shape of Things To Come – A Market Force

by Mike Gulett - The wedge shaped cars that were popular in the 1970s have moved up in value - the shape of things to come. The leader is the Lamborghini Countach but others like the Maserati Bora are not far behind. The Lamborghini Espada has … [Read more...]

Pininfarina’s Battista- Going Full Electric Before Ferrari

by Wallace Wyss - I respect Ferrari was stunned after they relegated Carrozzeri Pininfarina from their major design house and coachbuilder to a bidder against other firms. They shoulda figured Pininfarina would eventually figure out how to … [Read more...]

Four-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive?

by Mike Gulett - All-wheel drive (AWD) is four-wheel-drive mode that automatically shifts power between the front and rear wheels for traction control and is acceptable for light winter driving and some off-road use. When used to describe light … [Read more...]

Fiction: The Man In The White Hat

by Wallace Wyss - Jumped ship. That's the way they put it back in the 1800s when a sailor, gobsmacked at first sight of the beauty of a land like Tahiti would jump overboard and swim for shore, determined to make a new life in this magic … [Read more...]