My Car Quest

December 2, 2023

The Iso Grifo – Transcending Cool

From the My Car Quest Wayback Machine all the way back to October 2015 and one of my favorite subjects - the very cool Iso Grifo. Mike Gulett, Editor by Mike Gulett - More and more car connoisseurs have recognized the Iso Grifo as a … [Read more...]

Concorso Italiano 2023

by Wallace Wyss - Concorso Italiano was another well planned show though had more of a cars-'n-coffee feel than say The Quail ($1000+ ticket) or Pebble beach (roughly $500 a ticket). The goal was to fill a couple of well manicured greens of the … [Read more...]

Wallace Wyss’ – Art Auction Preview in Monterey

Our erstwhile correspondent from Los Angeles, Wallace Wyss, who is an artist as well, will be hosting his own art tent at Concorso Italiano and invites readers of My Car Quest to drop by and say hello. He's also planning on entering four canvases … [Read more...]

Another Monterey Car Week is in the Rear View Mirror

by Mike Gulett - There is so much going on during Monterey Car Week that I know I missed a lot but still also saw a lot. Here are some cars that I thought were interesting. An astounding price for this Porsche 928 This Porsche 928 GTS … [Read more...]

Concorso Italiano 2021

Disclosure: The author was a vendor at Concorso Italiano 2021. by Wallace Wyss - I always look forward to Concorso Italiano because in my new calling as a fine artist (as opposed to commercial artists who have to subjugate their art to … [Read more...]

The Last Tjaarda Pantera

by Wallace Wyss - Can a car designer go back in time and correct the things he didn't like on the car he designed that was put into production. According to the author of Tjaarda, a new biography, he can. Tom Tjaarda, some 35 years after he owned … [Read more...]