My Car Quest

July 24, 2024

Book Review: Desire & Design

Title: Desire & Design Author: Keith Helfet Publisher: Porter Press Binding: Hard cover Pages: 138 Price: $52 - here. Review by Wallace Wyss - There are many books on car design but this one is a new approach--one designer's … [Read more...]

Lance Reventlow The Hollywood Racer

Versions of this article were originally published in 2011 and in 2015. You should read the Comments as an integral part of this article because some of the commentators have first hand experience with the subject matter. From the My Car Quest … [Read more...]

Book Review: Apollo GT, The American Ferrari

Title: Apollo GT, The American Ferrari Author: Robb Northrop Price: $99.95 (includes shipping in the USA and $139.95 includes international shipping) - order at this link Length: 138 pages Binding: hardbound Publisher: AutoCopy Publishing ISBN: … [Read more...]

Bizzarrini GT 5300, Ferrari 250 GTO, Piero Drogo and Ulf Norinder

by Mike Gulett - From deep in the archives of the My Car Quest Wayback Machine from 2016 comes this interesting story of a Ferrari 250 GTO along with the original comments. Bizzarrini cars were featured as a class at the Pebble Beach … [Read more...]

John Toom – Creator of the Jaguar Aerodyne

John Toom had a dream to design and build his own car. It turns out he also had the drive and the skill to do so, unfortunately he died just short of finishing his Jaguar Aerodyne. Ron and Sonya Kellogg bought the Aerodyne and funded its completion. … [Read more...]

Editorial: Hey Hollywood…What About Elon Musk?

by Wallace Wyss - Having watched Michael Mann's Ferrari I was wondering which of the 20th or 21st century's auto executives have lives that, a portion of which, would be fodder for a good movie? I nominate John Z. DeLorean from around the … [Read more...]