My Car Quest

April 20, 2024

Tesla in China with the Tiger

by Wallace Wyss - There is an old Chinese saying "He who rides the tiger sometimes ends up inside." In having his biggest factory for Teslas in China, Musk is certainly riding the tiger. He has managed to build a best selling marque in … [Read more...]

Editorial: Get Real, Elon…

by Wallace Wyss - Let's get real Elon. I am suggesting this because I am tired of seeing year after year, your pickup truck is almost ready. I say go hat-in-hand to Chevrolet and license the name and design of the El Camino which was a popular … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Fisker Ronin

by Wallace Wyss - They are describing it as the world's first four door GT convertible. It is a five seater set for intro in late '25 as a 2026 model at $385,000. The range is one of the biggest draws--600 miles. Not to mention 1000 hp. But … [Read more...]

Editorial: Tesla vs Detroit

Tesla Wins Another Round. by Wallace Wyss - This battle never was of forces evenly matched. Tesla started out almost in somebody's garage like Apple, but they always had a different mission--to electrify the automobile industry. Detroit … [Read more...]

Pondering the Folly of Flippery of the Annual Model Change

A matter of philosophy. by Wallace Wyss - In pondering the (sales) success of Tesla (Never no mind the inexplicable down-in-the-dumps stock price) I always come back to one of its core secrets that is so obvious you wonder how can the rest … [Read more...]

The Lincoln Model L100 Concept

Coulda Killed the Cadillac Celestiq... by Wallace Wyss - I pity some VP at Ford if the $300,000 Cadillac Celestiq is a success. Because Lincoln had a competitor of similar size and shape but didn’t green light it. They claim the … [Read more...]