My Car Quest

February 6, 2023

Another Monterey Car Week is in the Rear View Mirror

by Mike Gulett - There is so much going on during Monterey Car Week that I know I missed a lot but still also saw a lot. Here are some cars that I thought were interesting. An astounding price for this Porsche 928 This Porsche 928 GTS … [Read more...]

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Text and photos by Wallace Wyss - When you get up in this price range, there’s lot of offerings but it pays to know what suits your needs. I wasn’t buying one, just test driving, but it appears to be almost the ultimate choice between driving, … [Read more...]

RUF Porsche Gathering at the 2022 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

Text and photos by Derek Meluzio - It all starts at the top. When the boss sets the tone and is a good person, the trickledown effect takes over and it bleeds through to all the aspects of a company. Alois Ruf Jr. took over the company that his … [Read more...]

A Porsche 356 Mystery Car?

Is it the Holy Grail of Lost 356 Prototypes or just another VW-based custom? by Wallace Wyss - Back at the beginning of Porsche, you might say all options were open because, at that converted sawmill in Gmund that they were using for … [Read more...]

The Gebruder Beutler And Their Porsches

by Wallace Wyss - Being half-Swiss, I am proud that a Swiss coachbuilder (Gebruder Beutler) was judged reliable enough to build some coachwork for the Porsche 356 cars - the Gebruder Beutler Porsches. Though from the one car I researched … [Read more...]

The Nissan Prince R380 – A Winning Race Car

by Mike Gulett - The Prince R380 was Japan's first purpose built "pure racing car". It was built in 1965 by Prince Motor Company to compete in the Japanese Grand Prix primarily against Porsche (the 904 and the 906). After Prince merged with … [Read more...]