My Car Quest

April 19, 2024

Reminiscing on Old Skool Car Clubs

Text and photos by Wallace Wyss - You can imagine, being a historian, I am always searching for a car event I can go to. But the second that I think like a fine artist I have to pick one where there will likely be a car I wish to paint an oil … [Read more...]

A Million-Dollar Fraud With Porsche Race Cars

by Martin Schröder - This was the German Press Agency report of December 8, 2020: "After two years of investigation, the Aachen (city at the German-Belgian border) public prosecutor's office has filed charges against three gentlemen for … [Read more...]

Vintage Cars From the Original Manufacturer?

by Mike Gulett - I recently read that the 190 year old Swiss watch maker Jaeger-LeCoultre has started buying, refurbishing and reselling some of their classic watch models as The Collectibles. Catherine Rénier, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre … [Read more...]

Maxie’s One Goof: The Porsche Type 540 America Roadster

Reaching into the My Car Quest Wayback Machine I came up with this interesting story from February 2017. I hope you all enjoy it again, or for the first time Mike Gulett, Editor. by Wallace Wyss - He’s gone now, but I have the … [Read more...]

Another Monterey Car Week is in the Rear View Mirror

by Mike Gulett - There is so much going on during Monterey Car Week that I know I missed a lot but still also saw a lot. Here are some cars that I thought were interesting. An astounding price for this Porsche 928 This Porsche 928 GTS … [Read more...]

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Text and photos by Wallace Wyss - When you get up in this price range, there’s lot of offerings but it pays to know what suits your needs. I wasn’t buying one, just test driving, but it appears to be almost the ultimate choice between driving, … [Read more...]