My Car Quest

July 24, 2024

RUF & Porsche Gathering at the 2024 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

Text, photos and video by Derek Meluzio - I say it all the time. “It’s not about the cars, it’s about the people”. Each year the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals proves that statement. The people that attend are all wonderful and they all … [Read more...]

Alfa Romeo at the 2023 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

by Derek Meluzio - Everybody likes a good comeback story. Who doesn't like to see the underdog or little guy fight his or her way back to the top? Rocky, The Hoosiers, Rudy, those are all names that come to mind when you think of a great comeback … [Read more...]

Gemballa & RUF At the Drift Nirvana Car Show

by Derek Meluzio - Relationships with other car lovers and other like minded motorheads truly are what makes the car world so great. Even though the idea that the importance is more on the people and the relationships, and less about the car … [Read more...]

RUF Porsche Gathering at the 2022 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

Text and photos by Derek Meluzio - It all starts at the top. When the boss sets the tone and is a good person, the trickledown effect takes over and it bleeds through to all the aspects of a company. Alois Ruf Jr. took over the company that his … [Read more...]

Alfa Romeo The Honored Make at the Hilliard U.S. Vintage Grand Prix

Text and photos by Derek Meluzio - Alfa Romeo won the first ever Watkins Glen Grand Prix in 1948. Frank Griswold drove his 8C 2900C to victory ahead of names such as Briggs Cunningham, Sam and Miles Collier, and Cameron Argetsinger. Nearly 75 … [Read more...]

Fiat Freakout National Convention – 2021

Text and photos by Derek Meluzio - What makes a good automotive event? Better yet, what makes a GREAT automotive event? A concours or show with quality and or quantity can help. A track day gets everybody's blood pumping. A scenic driving tour … [Read more...]