My Car Quest

March 31, 2020

“Me Too” Victory Over Bikram Choudhury Means Bonanza of Rolls Royces At Auction

by Wallace Wyss - Let’s go back to the ‘60s. The Beatles were big. So was yoga and all things Indian once the Beatles began visiting India. And, of course, there were Indians who liked everything British. One of them was a man named … [Read more...]

Ford v Ferrari: Perfect Lap Tour – Los Angeles

Report by Wallace Wyss - Photographs by Richard Bartholomew - It was billed as a “Perfect Lap Tour” but it wasn’t like it sounds a driving event, a rally, at all. It was sort of a nostalgia event at Carroll Shelby International Headquarters: … [Read more...]

More Photos From The Muscle Car Cruise In At The Petersen Automotive Museum

A newcomer to the The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, James Laketa, photographed these cars on his cell phone, along with some of the interior of the Museum while at the recent Muscle Car Cruise in. These photos were sent in by Wallace … [Read more...]

Muscle Car Cruise In At The Petersen Automotive Museum

by Wallace Wyss - You hafta admit, sometimes it all comes together. Here was muscle car day at the Petersen Automotive Museum and who founded this wonderful museum but Robert. E. Petersen, who founded a publishing empire (Hot Rod Motor Trend et … [Read more...]

My Car Quest Contributor to be Featured in Fine Art Display in Riverside, California

Wallace Wyss, a longtime contributor to My Car Quest and co-host on Autotalk, a radio talk show, will be a featured artist at Back to the Grind, a noted arts-oriented cafe located at 3575 University in Riverside during the month of February. … [Read more...]

More Photos From The Grand National Roadster Show – 2020

I know when I go to a car show I have a difficult time not taking a photo of every car in sight. Sometimes I take several photos of the same car just to be sure I get a good one. Today we have photos from The Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona … [Read more...]