My Car Quest

April 18, 2024

A Million-Dollar Fraud With Porsche Race Cars

by Martin Schröder - This was the German Press Agency report of December 8, 2020: "After two years of investigation, the Aachen (city at the German-Belgian border) public prosecutor's office has filed charges against three gentlemen for … [Read more...]

Could Fake Cars Be Legally Destroyed by Experts?

by Mike Gulett - I have written before about how the collector car world is taking on some of the characteristics of the art collector world. A new feature of the art collector world that I hope we do not see with collector cars is the … [Read more...]

Editorial: Checking Out the Pro-offered Treasures – Bizzarrini GT 5300

by Wallace Wyss - Some car brands are without a doubt on the ascendancy, going up hundreds of thousands annually compared to what they were a few years ago. No. 1 with a bullet is Bizzarrini, an exotic two seater coupe engineered by the same … [Read more...]

The Trouble With Tributes

by Wallace Wyss - Oh, it’s certainly undeniably glorious when somebody rolls out a tribute car; or continuation car or whatever they want to call it. We get to see an example of our favorite car all dolled up, squeaky clean, ready … [Read more...]

Fake Cars Can Be A Big Problem In The Collector Car World

by Mike - When a classic car model reaches a value level where creating a fake car can be profitable then dishonest people may take dishonest action by passing off a fake as a real car. Barn Finds The growth in the "barn find" … [Read more...]

Update On The Coys Iso Grifo Problem

by Mike - The German police have released the Iso Grifo that Coys attempted to sell at auction recently to the owner/seller. But the investigation continues. It is for sale now at a dealer in Germany, presumably the owner. Here is the … [Read more...]