My Car Quest

November 29, 2022

Car Art: Ferrari GTO’s Second Act

by Wallace Wyss - I remember, in the early days of the Monterey Historic Races, when Beverly Hills guys like Steve Earle and Chris Cord (yes, of that Cord family) who would take old racing Ferraris, rent the track for the weekend and have at … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Giotto Bizzarrini!

by Wallace Wyss - Giotto Bizzarrini was born June 6, 1926 in Quercianella, Livorno Province, Italy to a wealthy family. His grandfather had worked with Marconi on a little idea called the telegraph so inventing was a family tradition. He is well … [Read more...]

Book Review: Full Circle – A Hands-On Affair with the First Ferrari 250 GTO

Review by Mike Gulett - Title: Full Circle - A Hands-On Affair with the First Ferrari 250 GTO Authors: Larry Perkins and Petra Perkins Publisher: PetraPetra Publications (August 16, 2021) Language: English Hardcover: 230 pages ISBN-10: … [Read more...]

Black and White Photos: Worth Collecting?

by Wallace Wyss - While preparing for Monterey I came across some black and white photo handout shots. The originals are great--very glossy heavy paper, good for books. But car makers don't hand out black and white glossies anymore, so I don't … [Read more...]

Memorabilia: Coming to Terms With Black and White

by Wallace Wyss - I am a fine artist. I am currently preparing some artwork for Concorso Italiano (during Monterey Car Week). In doing so, I came across a Ferrari PR shot of a '62 Ferrari 250GTO, one taken so early it doesn't yet have the rear … [Read more...]

Ferrari Makes a Modern GTO

The Ferrari Omologato is Ferrari's tenth one-off V12. by Wallace Wyss - Ferrari is in business to make money. A rich guy calls you up and says he wants a special one off car, you damn well better build it. But this tifosi wanted a 250GTO … [Read more...]