My Car Quest

May 27, 2022

1938 International Harvester

Text and photos by Wallace Wyss - You know those scenes in the old Westerns about the cavalry where some guy--maybe Charleton Heston--is getting stripped of his badges of rank and busted down to private first class? Well, I think when I put … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Touring Superleggera Arese RH95

by Wallace Wyss - It has been some years now since the rebirth of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. And it's the 95th birthday of the brand so they thought what better way to celebrate than to create a new design, in this case the … [Read more...]

The Alternative Ride: Alvis – A Poor Man’s Bentley?

by Wallace Wyss - I knew there was an Elvis from Tupelo, Mississippi well before I knew there was an Alvis car from England. In fact I had never seen an Alvis car until I came to California in the late '60s and saw a couple at concours events. I … [Read more...]

A Porsche 356 Mystery Car?

Is it the Holy Grail of Lost 356 Prototypes or just another VW-based custom? by Wallace Wyss - Back at the beginning of Porsche, you might say all options were open because, at that converted sawmill in Gmund that they were using for … [Read more...]

Ferrari Plans Ferrari Only Parade and Ferrari Only Show at Monterey

by Wallace Wyss - Things they are a-changing'. Ferrari is showing more moxie at Monterey Car Week in 2022 with their Ferrari-only parade and Ferrari-only car show taking place the day before the Pebble Beach Concours. I don't know if just … [Read more...]

An Artist Chronicles His Favorite Ferrari Race Cars

by Wallace Wyss - I first became interested in Ferraris in the '60s when I moved to California from Michigan and was astonished to see Ferrari race cars like a 412P, a 250LM and a 250 GTO on the street. When I had a chance at various … [Read more...]