My Car Quest

July 23, 2024

Editorial: A Note to Porsche Marketing

Why not bring back the 356? by Wallace Wyss - I was going through my knee deep files the other day and came across a couple pictures of very early Porsches--I'm talking pre-A. One was a picture of one of the first aluminum bodied ones that … [Read more...]

The Prowler: Why I Want One

by Wallace Wyss - I want one. Now originally I was a critic, like why build a car that looks like a hot rod and yet has a V6 under the hood. Most respecting hot rods of this stripe ('32 Ford roadster lookalike) have V8s, usually … [Read more...]

Book Review: Desire & Design

Title: Desire & Design Author: Keith Helfet Publisher: Porter Press Binding: Hard cover Pages: 138 Price: $52 - here. Review by Wallace Wyss - There are many books on car design but this one is a new approach--one designer's … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Day of Reckoning for Tesla?

August 8, 2024 is when Tesla reveals a production robotaxi. by Wallace Wyss - Elon Musk reminds me a little of the wizard in The Wizard of Oz the way he was putting on a big show and then Dorothy poked her nose in and saw he was just a little … [Read more...]

The AI Robot Designer vs Real Human Designers

by Wallace Wyss - I just saw a video on the latest computer chips derived from the chips invented for video games. Now the application has spread to real life and these computers will out think humans, so much so I can see one occupation that … [Read more...]

An Artists’s Report on the Rodeo Drive Concours

by Wallace Wyss - Yes sir, I was at the 29th annual Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, but before the crowds came, propelled by my zeal to capture a shot for a possible painting. Artists have to get up early or stay late to capture their subject … [Read more...]