My Car Quest

February 7, 2023

Editorial: A Matter of Pedigree

by Wallace Wyss - It is oh-so-fashionable nowadays to do a DNA search to see if you have any relatives you didn't know about. My own niece did it and discovered she had a half sister. Well, cars have DNA too. Sort of. So when I saw this … [Read more...]

This AC Shelby Cobra 427 Has a History

A Comp 427 AC Shelby Cobra sells at Mecum Kissimmee rescued from the dreaded Eye-talians... by Wallace Wyss - There is many a twist and turn in the road for some cars. This big block Cobra, CSX3063, has more turns than many. It was auctioned … [Read more...]

Big Block Cobra Coming Up at Mecum Auctions in Kissimmee 2023

by Wallace Wyss - I’ve seen 427 Cammer-powered big block Cobras before but turns out it wasn't until years after Shelby built them using pushrod big blocks, either a 428 or 427 ,that folks began gilding the lily by adding Ford's fearsome … [Read more...]

The Seductive Appeal of Multiple Weber Carburetors

by Wallace Wyss - When I made my first engine painting (GTO engine six dual throat Webers) I picked that engine because it had real eye appeal, and ya gotta love it because each carb has two throats, so basically each of the twelve cylinders has … [Read more...]

Editorial: What Price Originality?

by Wallace Wyss - You see a couple of real Cobras and lots of replica Cobras at cars-n-coffee events on the West Coast, but one that always stops people in their tracks is the original CSX 3047 owned by a LaCanada/Flintridge collector. … [Read more...]

Another Lost Cobra Found Hiding Under the Name Ford Cougar II

by Wallace Wyss - For our purposes, the word “lost” needs to be defined. Usually, “lost” is a descriptor applied to an object that no one can find, or something that hasn’t been seen since its original reveal. But in the case of Ford’s Cougar II … [Read more...]