My Car Quest

April 21, 2024

What Is The Difference Between A Cobra And A Tiger?

by Mike Gulett -  Both the AC Shelby Cobra and the Sunbeam Tiger were styled by British companies, built on British chassis designs and are powered by Ford V8 engines. And Carroll Shelby was involved with both. Shelby created the Cobra based on … [Read more...]

More About AC Cobra 427 CSX 3129

The history of one AC Shelby Cobra 427 - No. CSX 3129. by Bob Wachtel - I was theoretically the 4th owner of 1966 AC Shelby Cobra 427 CSX3129. The car was in British racing green with a black interior. Harr Motor Company in Worcester, MA was … [Read more...]

The Flip-Top Cobra: It Led the Way to the Big Block Cobra

by Wallace Wyss - The trouble with the 289 Cobra was that it was competitive for one brief moment in time. And Ford, which had been happy to promote the Cobra in ‘63 saw it as a waste of time once they had the 200-mph GT40 under development. … [Read more...]

Editorial: A Matter of Pedigree

by Wallace Wyss - It is oh-so-fashionable nowadays to do a DNA search to see if you have any relatives you didn't know about. My own niece did it and discovered she had a half sister. Well, cars have DNA too. Sort of. So when I saw this … [Read more...]

This AC Shelby Cobra 427 Has a History

A Comp 427 AC Shelby Cobra sells at Mecum Kissimmee rescued from the dreaded Eye-talians... by Wallace Wyss - There is many a twist and turn in the road for some cars. This big block Cobra, CSX3063, has more turns than many. It was auctioned … [Read more...]

Big Block Cobra Coming Up at Mecum Auctions in Kissimmee 2023

by Wallace Wyss - I’ve seen 427 Cammer-powered big block Cobras before but turns out it wasn't until years after Shelby built them using pushrod big blocks, either a 428 or 427 ,that folks began gilding the lily by adding Ford's fearsome … [Read more...]