My Car Quest

May 30, 2024

Selling Your Classic Car

by Mike Gulett - Owning a classic car is a lot of fun but when the time comes selling one can be a challenge. Finding the right buyer for your car can take some work. There are many options and today we are focusing on selling on the Internet … [Read more...]

Iso Rivolta A3/C – The Sanction II Continuation

by Mike Gulett - A very rare Iso Rivolta A3/C Sanction II Continuation is now up for auction on Bring a Trailer. This is a high quality recreation of the Iso Rivolta A3/C or Bizzarrini GT 5300. It is made on a real Iso Rivolta GT chassis, this … [Read more...]

This Woody Station Wagon

by Mike Gulett - There are times when my imagination takes over and I am in places where I know I will not really go but it is fun to dream of the possibilities. I am dreaming of a car fantasy that I know will not come true. This time … [Read more...]

My AC Cobra Mk IV Sold on Bring a Trailer Today

by Mike Gulett - I announced a few days ago that I listed my 1987 Autokraft AC Cobra Mk IV on Bring a Trailer (click here to see the listing). It sold on Saturday July 22, 2023 at 12:55pm PT for $137,000 USD. This is the second car that I … [Read more...]

My AC Cobra Mk IV is on Bring a Trailer This Week

by Mike Gulett - I have listed my 1987 Autokraft AC Cobra MK IV on Bring a Trailer (click here to see the listing). The auction lasts for 7 days and will end on Saturday, July 22 at 12:37pm. I sold my Lamborghini Espada last year … [Read more...]

Editorial: A Matter of Pedigree

by Wallace Wyss - It is oh-so-fashionable nowadays to do a DNA search to see if you have any relatives you didn't know about. My own niece did it and discovered she had a half sister. Well, cars have DNA too. Sort of. So when I saw this … [Read more...]