My Car Quest

March 1, 2024

1970 Ford Thunderbird – Fond Memories

by Mike Gulett - We all remember cars from our youth don't we? And sometimes we may want to relive that youth by acquiring a car from those youthful days. Maybe that car would not be a car of natural choice today but the memories bring it into … [Read more...]

Editorial: No Ford Reports from Our Correspondent

by Wallace Wyss - I recently wrote a note to a long time Ford PR man (I think I first met him in 1970 at a Pantera preview) and thanked him for inviting me to see the new 2024 Mustang in Pebble Beach but more recently wrote and asked my name be … [Read more...]

Editorial: Tesla vs Detroit

Tesla Wins Another Round. by Wallace Wyss - This battle never was of forces evenly matched. Tesla started out almost in somebody's garage like Apple, but they always had a different mission--to electrify the automobile industry. Detroit … [Read more...]

The Politics of Cold Weather and Electric Vehicles

by Wallace Wyss - I am watching the TV commercials showing electric trucks powering through Colorado or Idaho, snow no problem. But then I go to this YouTube series called Now you Know, admittedly 100% Tesla fans, but on this episode they bought … [Read more...]

Editorial: Trying to Fathom the Lure of Not Driving Your Low Mileage Future Classic

by Wallace Wyss - I have a hard time understanding the reasons people buy an expensive car and not use it. Maybe it's like a savings bond or stock investment wise but who is going to say it will go up? Most cars depreciate. Some, you drive … [Read more...]

DeTomaso Pantera Targa – The Car Ford Should Have Made

by Wallace Wyss - Writing about DeTomaso is perilous for historians because the company's history is full of dark secrets (one great rumor is that DeTomaso bought Ghia for peanuts from a dictator's son when said son was in jail). The … [Read more...]