My Car Quest

April 16, 2024

Editorial: No Ford Reports from Our Correspondent

by Wallace Wyss - I recently wrote a note to a long time Ford PR man (I think I first met him in 1970 at a Pantera preview) and thanked him for inviting me to see the new 2024 Mustang in Pebble Beach but more recently wrote and asked my name be … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Coming Death (and Re-Birth) of Varoom

by Wallace Wyss - Back when I was a wet behind the ears copywriter on the Chevrolet account, in the Sixties, one headline I wrote was selected for an ad. Not sure if it was for a Camaro or Corvette but the key word was the one word headline … [Read more...]

Design: The First Generation Mustang Could Have Looked Weird in 1965

by Wallace Wyss - I am currently researching old clay model shots and have come up with some Dueseys that surprise even me, an auto writer since the '60s. Like this 1962 clay model that was one of many clays intended to be for the sporty car … [Read more...]

Concepts: 1970 Ford Mustang Milano

It seems to have influenced the modern day Dodge Challenger... by Wallace Wyss - In the late '60s leading into the '70s, Ford was intent on coming up with an Italian influenced car. Most of the Ford prototypes had Italian names and Henry Ford … [Read more...]

How I Acquired AC Cobra 427 CSX 3129

Reaching back into the My Car Quest archives to March 2018 I found this interesting story from Bob Wachtel. I love reader stories and photos and I do wish there were more of these. If you have a story about a special car or adventure that you want … [Read more...]

In Remembrance – Lee Iacocca

by Wallace Wyss - I met over lunch with a fellow author recently, a historian, but could not convince him of my theory that one man could make the difference on a race team or managing an auto empire. He maintained everybody was important, down … [Read more...]