My Car Quest

October 23, 2020

When Is A Custom Wheel Too Big?

by Mike - After market rims have been getting bigger and bigger and there are more style options as well. Unfortunately many car lovers are using them and I think this has led to some rather unattractive classic cars. In my opinion … [Read more...]

The Italian Mustang – Is It Really Lost?

by Wallace Wyss One of the saddest things I have seen in the auto design world is when L. Scott Bailey, founder and publisher of Automobile Quarterly, was running an ad trying to find out where his former one off Italian built Mustang was. I … [Read more...]

Cars, Coffee And San Francisco – What Could Be Better?

by Mike - Now the famous Cars & Coffee meetings have added San Francisco to the list of meeting places. The first event was held on June 28 and will be held every other Saturday on Pier 32 which is directly across from the Muni Metro station. … [Read more...]

Happy 50th Anniversary To The Ford Mustang!

by Mike - There is not much I can say about the Ford Mustang that hasn't been said by others. I thought I would let the Ford sales brochures for 1964 and 1965 speak for themselves. Enjoy the slide show I have never owned a … [Read more...]

Update On The Mustang Prototype From The Owner And Others Who Know More Than I Do

by Mike - The Mustang Prototype post from earlier today attracted a lot of attention from a regular reader, a professional car writer and the owner of this Mustang. Before we get to what they had to say let me set the stage. When the Mustang … [Read more...]

A Ford Mustang Prototype

by Mike - Have you ever heard of this Mustang Prototype? Me neither, yet here it is. This is the story as presented on the plaque that was on this car at the recent Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. Mustang Prototype History This … [Read more...]