My Car Quest

July 12, 2024

Design Critique: BMW Skytop Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Not long after pondering whether I liked the droptail Rolls Royces--special cars made on order from wealthy customers--I was shocked to see roughly the same styling being pro-offered on a two seater BMW concept. The idea is--if … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Chrysler Halcyon Coupe Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Stellantis surprised me. They recently came up with a prototype that seems more Tesla than Stellantis in the cleanliness of the shape with few distracting trim items. Surprisingly it isn’t an SUV or even a minivan but a modern … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Mazda Concept Car

by Wallace Wyss - Last year Mazda revealed a new concept car called the Mazda Iconic SP that seems mostly to promote the plan to bring back the rotary engine but this time not driving the wheels but only to power an electric motor. It wouldn't … [Read more...]

Book Review: Developing Chevrolet Pony Car Camaro Concept Cars

Review by Wallace Wyss - Title: Developing Chevrolet Pony Car Camaro Concept Cars Author: Scott Kolecki Publisher: Car Tech Pages: 176 Binding: Soft cover Books on concept cars are the new new thing. True, in the past, car … [Read more...]

Do Cars Have Pedigrees?

by Wallace Wyss - I am eagerly awaiting a review copy of a new book from Car Tech Publishing that has many pictures, I am told, of clay models of Camaros. It's entitled: Camaro Concept Cars: Developing Chevrolet's Pony Car by Scott … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

This Mercedes concept design is a homage to their 1960s C-111 prototype. by Wallace Wyss - Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled the Vision One-Eleven, an electric homage to the gillinged metallic orange C111 experimental supercar first shown … [Read more...]