My Car Quest

March 3, 2024

Design Critique: Chrysler Halcyon Coupe Concept

by Wallace Wyss - Stellantis surprised me. They recently came up with a prototype that seems more Tesla than Stellantis in the cleanliness of the shape with few distracting trim items. Surprisingly it isn’t an SUV or even a minivan but a modern … [Read more...]

Lime Rock Concours – September 2023

by Bob Wachtel - On Sunday September 3 I attended the Lime Rock Concours event that I registered for over a month ago and was accepted to enter. I drove my silver 1999 Dodge Viper GTS coupe there, which is only about 30-40 minute away from my … [Read more...]

Editorial: Manufacturing Insourcing – Words Detroit Has to Learn

by Wallace Wyss - In attempting to discover how Tesla came out of nowhere and became the world's largest EV maker, I discovered the magic word is something like "Insource". My definition--you get what you need from what you already have. During … [Read more...]

The New Chrysler Airflow

If Chrysler (er, Stellantis) can get the Airflow into production soon, they have a winner. by Wallace Wyss -  Back in 1934, Chrysler became the first American automaker to incorporate improved aerodynamics into a car, ie. letting aero rule over … [Read more...]