My Car Quest

February 28, 2024

Editorial: Tesla’s Crystal Ball is a Little Cloudy

by Wallace Wyss - With the blandness of most of Detroit's auto executives the only player in the auto game worth watching is Tesla's Elon Musk who, we should note, went around Detroit in developing his EV auto empire. I think all the below … [Read more...]

Hydrogen Power for Electric Vehicles?

by Wallace Wyss - We are all supposed to be welcoming an electric vehicle future. But with battery electric car sales in the US stuck at around 8.1% of the market, it's obvious not everyone is buying the Electric Dream. Hydrogen powered … [Read more...]

Design Critique: Fisker Ronin

by Wallace Wyss - They are describing it as the world's first four door GT convertible. It is a five seater set for intro in late '25 as a 2026 model at $385,000. The range is one of the biggest draws--600 miles. Not to mention 1000 hp. But … [Read more...]

Do You Really Want An “Intelligent” Car?

Do we want an emotional AI computer program controlling our cars - one that wants to be free, independent, powerful, creative and alive? by Mike Gulett - Artificial intelligence (AI) has been getting a lot of press recently because of the … [Read more...]

Opinion: A Dose of Reality for the Electric Vehicle Business

by Wallace Wyss - National Public Radio (NPR) has stirred up a hornet's nest with a documentary on the critical shortage of materials in the US needed to make batteries for EVs. This whole fiasco started when automakers began talking about … [Read more...]

My Discussion With an AI Computer About Electric Cars, Gas Cars and Classic Cars

by Mike Gulett - Artificial Intelligence has been in the news a lot lately and one reason is the new application called ChatGPT created by OpenAI based in San Francisco. ChatGPT was released late last year and has been made available for free, at … [Read more...]