My Car Quest

January 30, 2023

The Politics of Cold Weather and Electric Vehicles

by Wallace Wyss - I am watching the TV commercials showing electric trucks powering through Colorado or Idaho, snow no problem. But then I go to this YouTube series called Now you Know, admittedly 100% Tesla fans, but on this episode they bought … [Read more...]

The New Electric Car Brand From Sony and Honda is Called Afeela

by Mike Gulett - There are only so many ways to design the looks of a car. That means it is difficult to create a unique style that is attractive, however it seems to be easy to create a style that is ugly. This is what Sony and Honda have … [Read more...]

A New Breed of Automobile Manufacturer is On the Way

by Mike Gulett - The transition of the automobile industry to electric vehicles creates the opportunity for new players to get into the automobile business. This includes start up companies but also established companies with no experience in … [Read more...]

Editorial: Are We Going to See the Get-it-While-it-Lasts Car Sales?

by Wallace Wyss - Now that I've seen the publicity around the Ferrari Purosangue SUV, extolling the fact it has a V12, and other stories in car magazines about "the last internal combustion engine from so-and-so" I am wondering, are we going … [Read more...]

Toyota Thinks The Transition to Electric Vehicles Will Not Happen So Fast

by Mike Gulett - The entire automobile industry and most governments around the world are moving full speed ahead to convert the auto industry from internal combustion gas powered vehicles to battery powered electric vehicles - except one … [Read more...]

Rolling Blackouts Threaten Electric Vehicle Owners in California

I have received three text messages this week (including one today) from our power company that is the largest in California (Pacific Gas & Electric). Each message said, PG&E Alert: Extreme heat is straining California's grid. Save energy from … [Read more...]