My Car Quest

October 19, 2019

Is The Car Collecting Culture Becoming More Like The Art Collecting Business?

by Mike - This article is part of our continuing discussion of the collector car market. The collector car market auction business has grown very fast in recent years to become a billion dollar per year global market. This fast growth creates … [Read more...]

Economic Theory – Understanding The Collector Car Market

This was originally published on November 24, 2014. I thought some of you may not have read this and others may like to read it again. The original comments are included as well - let us know what you think in the Comments. by Mike - I was … [Read more...]

Tesla vs The New York Times

by Mike - I am a big fan of the potential of the electric car but I am not a fan of the way that Tesla handles publicity, especially when they disagree with someone in the media: * Remember the lawsuit with the BBC's Top Gear? * Remember … [Read more...]

Stan Musial – A Life Well Lived

by Mike - Stan Musial died one week ago at the age of 92 and is being buried today in his beloved St. Louis, Missouri. He is a revered figure in St. Louis and in the whole world of baseball. Even more important than his great talent on … [Read more...]