My Car Quest

September 16, 2021

The Henney Kilowatt: A Daring Electric Car From The Late 1950s

The idea that car makers have been deliberately suppressing the development of electric vehicles is a myth. Throughout history, virtually all major manufacturers have dabbled in them. It’s just that they have had zero success. That … [Read more...]

Lucid Air: Pitching to the Right Audience

by Wallace Wyss - There is no more perfect audience for the products of a new car company, called Lucid Motors, than Malibu. That's because the cheapest house is one million dollars going up to $150,000,000. People there like to show off … [Read more...]

An All New Electric Hummer From General Motors

GMC is betting millions on this all electric new-generation Hummer. by Wallace Wyss - Remember 30 plus years ago when Arnold Schwarzenegger saw a convoy of military Humvees and thought that would be a fun car to drive? He bought one and then … [Read more...]

Musk vs. Bezos – The Battle of the Titans Shapes Up For Electric Vehicles

by Wallace Wyss - Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos certainly are larger than life titans of industry with both working and leading in more arenas than just electric vehicles. Today we focus on electric driverless vehicles. Elon Musk We should not … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Electric Vehicle Green Incentive – What is Needed

by Wallace Wyss - Lots of companies are talking about their Electric Vehicle (EV) plans, with say VW, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes having dozens of new models coming out by 2021. But sales of EVs at present are dismal, a little over 3%. So what … [Read more...]