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April 17, 2024

The New Electric Car Brand From Sony and Honda is Called Afeela

by Mike Gulett –

There are only so many ways to design the looks of a car. That means it is difficult to create a unique style that is attractive, however it seems to be easy to create a style that is ugly. This is what Sony and Honda have managed to do in the first car from their EV joint venture, Sony Honda Mobility – the new brand is called Afeela. They will start taking orders in 2025 with deliveries starting in North America in 2026.


Even though Car & Driver likes it I do not like it. The car looks like a medicine capsule meant to be swallowed (or put somewhere else). The name Afeela sounds like a medicine too, like an anti-depressant.

My contrarian view

The Afeela will be loaded with cameras, software and the computers to run the software and control everything as you can imagine that is exactly what Sony would deliver in a car.

Once it is on the road it will blend into the background and no one will be able to tell what brand or model it is.


In their own words – from the Afeela web site

Autonomy, Augmentation, Affinity. The 3A’s are the direction in which our mobility grows. The new values that we want people to resonate with.


Autonomous intelligence for mobility. Where we aim to create the essential foundations for safety and security. Using sensors and many intelligent technologies, we will realize mobility with peace of mind.


Mobility space built upon safety and security presents the possibility of enjoyment beyond driving. We will explore new experiences for mobility that go beyond what we thought time and space be like.


Mobility that is open to people, open to society. Together with our customers, creative professionals and partners around the globe, we expand AFEELA’s possibilities. We will present a free and open environment.

I do not know what they mean by all the marketing words above but I do know that I am not attracted to this vision for “mobility”. I am sure it will be a comfortable and feature rich driving experience until the software crashes or needs an update or just doesn’t work properly.

Where is the passion? Where is the love of automobile beauty and style. Where is the love of driving?

The Afeela looks like it is going to be a smart phone, personal computer and video game on wheels.

This may be the unavoidable trend of the future but I do not have to like it. At least they could make it look good.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Afeela Logo

Photos compliments of Afeela.
The New Electric Car Brand From Sony and Honda is Called Afeela
Article Name
The New Electric Car Brand From Sony and Honda is Called Afeela
Sony and Honda have managed to create a bland looking first car from their EV joint venture called Afeela.


  1. After reading this, Afeela need to drive a muscle car…fast…on a long highway…then gas up at a Union 76!

  2. Rob Maselko says

    I’m sure it will be efficient transportation. However it is not an automobile in the classic sense of providing a rich DRIVING experience. And could the name be worse? Hopefully they use a different name in the North American market. The more new cars resemble this, the more valuable old cars become. Thanks Sony – Honda!

  3. Les Seifer says

    I agree with your sentiments 100%…I grew up in an era when your car said something about you. Anyone who drives this melted chocolate bar obviously has nothing much to say.
    And what’s with all the car names and brands that end (and often start) with the letter “A”? Afeela? How about Nissan’s latest—Ariya. To me it’s just all a lot of Di-Ariya!
    Les Seifer
    P.S. Permitted exception to the A rule:Alfa.

  4. Your review of the design, shape, name…..are all Too Kind.
    Regardless of what it is…. it has to appeal to the public – unless they are counting on fleet sales to woke governments and corporations. This will Never sell! – unless you’re an anti-Musk person. At least Tesla’s have design and style – in some people’s minds.
    I agree with Cindy…..

  5. Rob Krantz says

    A feela 😁 disappointed with the design of this car! A “nothing” statement design wise and the name as others have said here is terrible. Maybe they didn’t have any consumer panels to weigh in on this? Another salvo by one of many other firms jumping into the electric car game. I feel the EV’s will always be a niche type of vehicle and that eventually perhaps world governments and auto makers will see that shoving these cars down our throats was a foolish move environmentally and from a practicality standpoint. Just wait for a major snow or flood event when these cars crap out and the roadways are blocked for miles with dead EV’s. Just wait…..

  6. wallace wyss says

    I feel that its not too late to take it to some Italian carrozzeria and get the design tweaked.It does have that look like it’s a giant computer mouse on four wheels. I am involved in thoroughbreds and know that a thoroughbred horse has to have a certain shape. This is a car pandering to those who just want transportation and don’t care about anything other than that. Close but no cigar. Make it bio-degradable so it can be junked.

  7. Jeez, they could have called it SONDA or HONY.

  8. It looks like a Lucid clone actually. The headlights, exposed rocker panels and general neo-soapbar look are all copied straight from a Lucid if you ask me and though not ugly it is a pretty boring shape. There is not much you can do with the three box form these days. Perhaps the gadgetry in the interior will sell this car.

  9. Rick,

    I think the Lucid is a well designed car. Note the long hood on the Lucid and the general pleasing shape and contours unlike the short hood and unpleasing shape and no contours of the Afeela.

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