My Car Quest

July 20, 2024

Editorial: Gas Powered Cars – An Enemy of the State?

by Wallace Wyss - If electric cars pretty much take over American roads by 2030, ICE (internal combustion engine) cars will be no doubt relegated to a lower status. Or even outlawed as Enemies of the State. Here's why-the electric cars … [Read more...]

Editorial: Tesla’s Crystal Ball is a Little Cloudy

by Wallace Wyss - With the blandness of most of Detroit's auto executives the only player in the auto game worth watching is Tesla's Elon Musk who, we should note, went around Detroit in developing his EV auto empire. I think all the below … [Read more...]

Editorial: On Observing the Phenomenon of Elon Musk

by Wallace Wyss - Mea Culpa. I think that's Latin for "I'm guilty." And I am, of the sin of not recognizing a sea change in the auto industry that took place right in front of me. On my watch as it were. I've always been an internal combustion … [Read more...]

Editorial: What Do We Expect to See at a Concours?

by Wallace Wyss - I covered two concours back to back one week apart--Pebble Beach about 120 miles south of San Francisco and San Marino, about 350 miles to the south of Pebble Beach, both in California. What struck me was that San … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Need for a Corvette Hybrid

General Motors: Do it for America... by Wallace Wyss - I don't fly waving flags on my car but am eager to see American firms come up with a winner against some of those overly-vaunted oh-so-sophisticated Furrin' adversaries. After just … [Read more...]

Editorial: Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith Fading Away

Come the, maybe not... by Wallace Wyss - Some things seem eternal. Like triumphant troops marching down Main Street after a war. But when I heard Rolls Royce is stopping importing the convertible Dawn and the two door Wraith … [Read more...]