My Car Quest

February 23, 2024

San Marino Motor Classic – 2022

Text by Wallace Wyss and photos by Bruce Caron - For those who didn't want to drive from Los Angeles to Monterey there was a classic car show right in Los Angeles only a few days later, the San Marino Motor Classic. San Marino is a plush … [Read more...]

San Marino Perks Up Concours by Instituting a Japanese Car Class

Text by Wallace Wyss and photos by Richard Bartholomew - The San Marino Motor Classic, which has been a tradition in this posh suburb of Pasadena for decades, should be congratulated on changing the face of concours if ever so slightly by … [Read more...]

Editorial: What Do We Expect to See at a Concours?

by Wallace Wyss - I covered two concours back to back one week apart--Pebble Beach about 120 miles south of San Francisco and San Marino, about 350 miles to the south of Pebble Beach, both in California. What struck me was that San … [Read more...]

Event Report: San Marino Motor Classic – June 9, 2019

by Wallace Wyss - Photographs by Richard Bartholomew - This is a concours that is in a great setting and for the most part has the potential of being a sort of Pebble Beach South. They do for instance, have some classic prewar cars … [Read more...]

The San Marino Motor Classic – June 2018

Great setting, classy show Text by Wallace Wyss - Photos by Richard Bartholomew - For those who haven’t heard of it, San Marino is a little suburb of Pasadena, a sort of Beverly Hills-ish type of place with cute houses, … [Read more...]

San Marino Motor Classic – A Great Event

by Wallace Wyss - Photographs by Richard Bartholomew and Wallace Wyss. Where is San Marino? Ah, not the one in Italy, this show was from a fancy neighborhood near Pasadena, sort of the Beverly Hills of Pasadena. And the park where … [Read more...]