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May 27, 2024

San Marino Motor Classic – 2022

Text by Wallace Wyss and photos by Bruce Caron –

For those who didn’t want to drive from Los Angeles to Monterey there was a classic car show right in Los Angeles only a few days later, the San Marino Motor Classic. San Marino is a plush suburb of Pasadena.

Iso Grifo

It took place on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at Lacy Park in San Marino. The San Marino Motor Classic had more than 400 mint condition collector cars on view with the idea that concours must change to meet spectator’s tastes, this year the car selection committee voted to host two new classes — Classic: Hot Rods – 1932 Ford – celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the 1932 Ford and its popularity as a platform for hot rods, and Porsche 356 Outlaw – a scion of the car collecting community.

Bizzarrini GT 5300

I was surprised a concours would honor custom cars but their idea is that a certain number of the Porsche 356 owners want to do it their own way so why not celebrate how they do it? You wonder if later they will have custom 300SL Gullwings (there were some in the day) and so forth?

I thought the ’30s Ford hot rod with various chrome from British cars was outstanding example of crossing genres. You would swear some of that chrome was on a prewar Bentley.

Iso Rivolta

Similar to Pebble Beach they have events before the concours, including the Automotive Fine Arts Society Exhibit & Sale opening reception on Saturday afternoon. That was free and I got to talk to several of the artists about their work including Mark Stehrenberger, who taught at the nearby art Center College of Design. That was followed by a nice catered dinner but that you had to pay for.

One stalwart concours competitor, a successful Rolex dealer, had at least six Ferraris on display, going back to the Daytona Spyder and forwards to some very new models. A Los Angeles area Ferrari club has their concours within the San Marino concours which I think is a great idea–it gives concours goers in general a view of Ferraris, all the various models.

Iso Grifo

Where the 356 Porsches were, though, was the only part of the show where cars were too close together while there were still broad stretches of lawn still open.

The venue, Lacy Park, is several acres, so there is plenty of room. Parking is free on adjoining streets and the $35 entry fee for spectators is very welcome considering Pebble Beach was over $500.

All in all, it’s a good local substitute if you can’t make the trek to Monterey.

More photos are in the slide show below.

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Wallace Wyss art

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss is a fine artist specializing in exotic cars. He markets through Mecum and accepts private commissions. He can be reached at


San Marino Motor Classic

San Marino Motor Classic - 2022
Article Name
San Marino Motor Classic - 2022
The San Marino Motor Classic had more than 400 mint condition collector cars on view with the idea that concours must change to meet spectator's tastes.


  1. This looks like a fun event.

  2. The San Marino show is a gem and always worth getting out there at that golden hour in the morning to take pictures, I can only imagine sunsets through all those old majestic trees at Lacy park. The Ferraris filling up the entire center of the park is a great addition for that last few years, before that they had kind of a flooding problem there.

  3. … here we go… I am looking at the wonderful cars expecting to recognize them, even the Tatra, when I encountered one I swear I’ve never seen before. What is the red car in photo #15?

  4. The 1967 Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada you pictured won both Best in Class and Most Exotic Sports Car in that event, very much worth mentioning for such a (still) unknown marque in an overwhelming array of Ferraris!

  5. wallace wyss says

    I truly think the Bizzarrini (and its A3/C and A3/L parents) is having a renaissance of interest. I even think Pebble Beach should have a Bizzarrini class i n 2023,,,who do we suggest it to?

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