My Car Quest

November 29, 2022

Art: The Man In The White Hat

Our In-House Artist explains... by Wallace Wyss - I remember some men's magazine in the '50s (Esquire? Playboy?) had a cartoon figure of a dude with a walrus mustache. The symbolic idea was that, if he appeared with some product, then OK, … [Read more...]

Car Art: Ferrari GTO’s Second Act

by Wallace Wyss - I remember, in the early days of the Monterey Historic Races, when Beverly Hills guys like Steve Earle and Chris Cord (yes, of that Cord family) who would take old racing Ferraris, rent the track for the weekend and have at … [Read more...]

Automobile Factory Art

Yes, it still exists, but it's disappearing fast. by Wallace Wyss - "Factory art" by my definition, is artwork on a new car that might have been used in the prototype stage but often is just done to hype a new model. Being an artist … [Read more...]

Art: The Man in White Series

"The Man in White" is the name of a series of classic car-related paintings My Car Quest contributor Wallace Wyss is preparing for his booth at Concorso Italiano, an event that's part of Monterey Car Week. There is no longer an AFAS tent at … [Read more...]

Memorabilia: Coming to Terms With Black and White

by Wallace Wyss - I am a fine artist. I am currently preparing some artwork for Concorso Italiano (during Monterey Car Week). In doing so, I came across a Ferrari PR shot of a '62 Ferrari 250GTO, one taken so early it doesn't yet have the rear … [Read more...]

Bizzarrini Themed Memorabilia

An artist asks, is there a market for memorabilia of a car so rare? by Lita Makati - Wallace Wyss, a fine artist on the West Coast, tells us that he was shocked that Bizzarrini GT 5300 Stradas have passed one million dollars in value but … [Read more...]