My Car Quest

June 16, 2024

This Artist Loves Ferrari’s Windshieldless SP2

by David Lawrence - California fine artist Wallace Wyss (name rhymes with "reese") is a Ferrari aficionado pedal-to-the-middle (has owned two). In choosing which ones to depict in his paintings, he is drawn most to the '50s and '60s … [Read more...]

The Speedster Sale That Shook The Collector Car World

by Wallace Wyss and David Lawrence Silver - When word filtered out that a 1957 356A Porsche Speedster had sold for $660,000 at auction, it was assumed by many that, ho hum, that had to be one of the rare 4-cam Carrera Speedsters. … [Read more...]

Future Collectable: Chrysler Crossfire

by Wallace Wyss and David Lawrence Silver - O.K. admit it, the Chrysler Crossfire got by you. It came. It went. Gone forever. You never see them. But we are here and now putting forward the contention that it’s the next … [Read more...]