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April 15, 2024

This Artist Loves Ferrari’s Windshieldless SP2

by David Lawrence –

California fine artist Wallace Wyss (name rhymes with “reese”) is a Ferrari aficionado pedal-to-the-middle (has owned two). In choosing which ones to depict in his paintings, he is drawn most to the ’50s and ’60s classics–the California Spyder, the 250GTO and the like.

Recently, though, with his painting of a SP2 doing a “burnout,” he admits he thinks with the SP1 and SP2 Ferrari has made what could be an “instant” modern classic, appreciating like a classic ’50s or ’60s Ferrari.

“All the automakers are getting ready to go all electric if they have to,” he says “but Ferrari shows determination by making high performance V12-powered cars as long as they can.”

The limited edition (which define their special status by having the letters ‘SP’ in the name, meaning “Special Project” came in two versions, the SP1, a single seater and the Ferrari Monza SP2, named after the Monza racetrack, a track close by the factory in Maranello, also known as the “Temple of Speed.”

Ferrari SP2

Ferrari SP2s lined up

Unusual is that it is front engined when most people though Ferrari’s fastest cars would be mid-engined. But that’s because it is meant to pay homage to the front engined Monza series of barchetta models in the 1950s.

Unusual for Americans is the fact that neither came with a roof–both are true open-topped speedsters. The naturally aspirated V12 is from the 812 Superfast. In this version, the 6.5-liter cranks 799 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque. It hits 0-to-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. Top speed is 188 mph.

The duo from Ferrari are not the only sports car in recent times to be offered topless–Mercedes in the SLR and Aston in the V12 speedster and McLaren in the McLaren Elva all had similar cars. But what is really wild is, on all four, there is no windshield or windscreen. Yes, Nada. None. Which means whether you are in the single seater or 2-seater you need a helmet and face shield. So technically they’re not legal in the US yet there are three-wheeled motorcycles by Polaris that are allowed to be road licensed with the driver wearing a helmet and face shield so that may be tested in court. And McLaren later offered an optional windshield to overcome that problem of legality.

Ferrari said they would make only 499, counting both models together but the limited use didn’t stop them from selling out immediately at $1.8 million each. Wyss says he will render some more views, still remembering the time when he went to Laguna Seca racetrack at 7am hoping to capture race cars on film just as dawn broke.

Ferrari SP2

A modern day PR shot…though why they shot it in black and white when color is always available is a mystery. It promotes the Ferrari SP2.

Suddenly the empty parking lot rapidly filled with SP2s. “The drivers revved their engines and then, en masse, they zoomed out onto the track.I think I captured the Zeitgeist.” While Wyss doesn’t think either of the SP roadsters will surpass the vaunted 250GTO–one of the world’s most valuable Ferraris (with only 36 made) he does think that, as internal combustion new cars are gradually cut off by zero emissions mandates that take full force by 2030, these last V-12 powered Speedsters will be much sought after as “the best of the last.”

His 20″ x 30″ giclee print on canvas of his small original of an SP2, the work titled “burnout,” is scheduled to be offered by Mecum at their Kissimmee auction in Florida on January 9, 2023.

THE AUTHOR: David Lawrence is a former Beverly Hills art dealer who now collects significant race cars.

Ferrari Monza SP2

Wallace Wyss Art – Ferrari SP2 Burnout

This Artist Loves Ferrari's Windshieldless SP2
Article Name
This Artist Loves Ferrari's Windshieldless SP2
California fine artist Wallace Wyss is a Ferrari aficionado who is drawn most to the '50s and '60s classics-the California Spyder, the 250GTO and the like.


  1. Jack Koobs de Hartog says

    Sorry, Monza is not that close by from Maranello …. 210 km

  2. Jack Nelson says

    Maybe due to ‘auto spell check’…. The phrase is “Pedal to the METAL “…..not ‘middle’….:)
    Nice article & WW has seen it all.!

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